5 Challenges Of Big Data Analytics in 2021

Many organizations have problems using business intelligence analytics on a strategic level. Here are the top big data analytics challenges they encounter.

While this year holds great promise for big data analytics, there are some obstacles to overcome. So, it is time to deep dive through the most typical big data analytics issues, investigate possible root causes, and highlight the potential solutions to those problems.

It’s always better to think smart from the very beginning when your big
data analytics system is yet at the concept stage. Any fixes might be quite expensive
to implement once the system is already up and running.

In today’s digital world, companies embrace big data business analytics to improve decision-making, increase accountability, raise productivity, make better predictions, monitor performance, and gain a competitive advantage. However, many organizations have problems using business intelligence analytics on a strategic level. According to Gartner, 87% of companies

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Trump’s former fixer Cohen interviewed by Manhattan DA’s office and newly hired litigator

By Jason Szep and Peter Eisler

(Reuters) – The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and a newly hired high-profile litigator interviewed Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, on Thursday, as part of a criminal probe of the former president’s business dealings, said two people familiar with the investigation.

The interview came after Mark Pomerantz, who has extensive experience in white-collar and organized crime cases, joined District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.’s team investigating the Trump family business. Pomerantz started on Feb. 2 as special assistant district attorney, said Danny Frost, a spokesman for Vance.

Pomerantz’s hiring is part of a flurry of recent activity in Vance’s investigation, including the issuance in recent days of roughly a dozen new subpoenas, according to the sources. One of those went to Ladder Capital Finance LLC, a major creditor used by Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, to finance the former president’s commercial real estate

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US secures 200 more doses of Moderna Pfizer vaccines-ANI

Washington [US], February 12 (ANI): The United States has secured an additional 200 doses of Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines, President Joe Biden announced on Thursday (local time).
“Just this afternoon, we signed the final contracts for 100 million more Moderna and 100 million more Pfizer vaccines. We’re also able to move up the delivery dates with an additional 200 million vaccines to the end of July, faster than we expected and in further good news both companies agreed and we’re now contractually obligated to expedite delivery of 100 million doses that were promised by the end of June to deliver them by the end of May,” he said in an address to the National Institutes of Health.
He also informed that the US is on track to have a vaccine supply for 300 million Americans by the end of July.
“Within three weeks, round the clockwork with so many

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