Will Europe defect to China?

President Biden is moving to “reengage” Europe, seeking to rebuild transatlantic ties. The Chinese regime, however, doubts he will succeed. America’s traditional allies, the Communist Party’s Global Times stated on Friday, “are economically dependent on China.”

Indeed, they are. China overtook the United States last year as the European Union’s largest merchandise trade partner. In 2020, the EU’s exports to China increased 2 percent from the year before, according to Eurostat, the trading bloc’s statistics agency. EU imports from that country jumped more than 5 percent. At the same time, the EU’s exports to the U.S. fell 8 percent and imports fell 13 percent. China’s accomplishment is all the more impressive because EU trade volume declined last year, with exports dropping 9 percent and imports falling more than 11 percent.

Beijing is continually touting its replacement of America at the top of the EU trade rankings. Xinhua News Agency

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Man With The Golden Touch

There is gold in everything that Ketan Kothari and his company, Augmont does. “I have established Augmont, India’s only company which provides products related to the complete lifecycle management of gold be it digital gold, gold coins and bars, loans against gold, scrap gold, gold FD, gold bonds, gold ETFs and investible jewelry on EMI,” says Kothari, a double major in Finance who has also done Bachelors in Management Studies and a few short courses from MIT (Fintech) and Harvard (BGEI).

Augmont is an integrated precious metals management company with operations in trading of gold and silver coin and bar through its online platform, gold refining and manufacturing of tamper proof packaged jew­elry. Its offerings are given through a combination of digital applications, physical stores, and channel partners. 

Augmont has over 10 million retail customers, and it has done over two million deliveries to the poorest of poor across India. 

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Small Business Lifeline – UGA Today

Josie Moss may have been a latecomer to owning her own business, but she turned out to be a natural.

Over the years, the former high school teacher and principal began to appreciate the importance of early childhood education.

“If I got some of these babies earlier, I know they wouldn’t come to me with all of the issues and things that they struggle with,” she used to say about her students.

After extensive homework, Moss bought Harmony Learning Academy in Lithia Springs from a previous owner. The school serves children from infancy to age 12.

In 18 months as an entrepreneur, Moss figured out a lot. She created a business plan and a three-year budget. She found the just-right student-to-teacher ratios for the best student experience that turned a profit.

To do this, she asked a lot of questions, many of them to Todd Anduze, her consultant at the

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How Paying Attention to Best Practices in Business Intelligence Helps

In today’s data driven world, business leaders may feel overwhelmed given the sudden influx of data. By merging, business analytics, data miningdata visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and others, business intelligence (BI) helps these leaders in making more data-driven decisions. At present, BI enables organizations to identify ways to increase profit, analyze customer behavior, compare data with competitors, track performance, optimize operations, spot market trends and many other crucial activities in the business pipeline.

Business intelligence addresses numerous problems that perpetuate in organizations. For instance, it enables the examination of data to understand trends and derive insights by streamlining the effort required to search for, merge and query the data necessary to make sound business decisions. Given the current situation of huge data generation, it helps make sense of data in comparatively lesser time and solves the problem of limited data accessibility. Meanwhile, since gathering relevant

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