UNH readies launch of Center for Business Analytics

Deborah Merrill Sands

Deborah Merrill-Sands, dean of UNH’s Paul College, said that under the new initiative, ‘we are developing business analytics as a specific area of academic expertise that will further distinguish us among business schools.’

The University of New Hampshire’s Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics is launching a new Center for Business Analytics aimed at what it says will provide businesses with the help they need to sustain a competitive advantage — graduates who can harness the power of big data and support to help them employ analytics tools to create value for their business.

Business analysts are trained to take large quantities of data and analyze it to build reports that help make sense of it and provide actionable insights to drive strategic decision-making in their organizations.

The college said that the move is in response to growing student and employer demand.

“Our vision is to build out

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Joe Biden and his $2 trillion tax plan would crush the economic recovery

My old boss Dick Armey, the Texas Republican and former House majority leader, used to say, only half jokingly, “Liberals love jobs, but they hate employers.” That axiom was never more on point than today, with President Biden and Democrats in Congress preparing to roll out their $2 trillion tax plan. This tax behemoth comes at a time when we still have at least 8 million fewer Americans working today than a year ago.

The idea that the largest tax increase in at least three decades is going to create more jobs here in America is only accurate if every law of economics is suspended. Taxes simultaneously suck demand and supply of services out of the economy and are the financial equivalent of bleeding a patient to bring him back to life.

The Biden tax plan, as currently being discussed, will be especially contractionary because it would raise tax

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Criticality Of Team Play For A Meaningful Civil Service- Madhukar Gupta

My advisor at Harvard used to take me out for lunch every month. Once he candidly asked me, ‘what is wrong with you guys’? Meaning, as to what was wrong with us in general in the Civil Service. I made a few guesses, but was way off the mark. You guys are never trained to be team players. His considered view was ‘Civil servants play only as individual players and look for personal glorification and not for their state or country’.

Then he mentioned his professional experience of working with a Chief Minister in South India on a famous IT project. He narrated how over dinner ten officers will not only have their own take on issues, but would go to great lengths to run each other down. Also, they would do so not in a discreetly, but in a way which could be thought of as direct and unprofessional.

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Secretary of State’s Office, WV One Stop Business Center and Regional Offices Reopen In-person Services by Appointment

Charleston, W.Va. — Effective March 15th, the WV Secretary of State’s Office will safely reopen in-person services by appointment according to Secretary of State Mac Warner.

Warner said that he and his staff have been working for several weeks on making sure that his State Capitol office, the WV One Stop Business Center in Charleston and the regional offices in Clarksburg and Martinsburg are safe for customers and employees. Business owners, entrepreneurs, voters and others wanting to conduct business in-person with the Secretary of State’s Office can do so by scheduling an appointment.

Appointments can be set up online by going to www.sos.wv.gov and then clicking on the link to the left of the home page that reads: Online Appointment Scheduler . Customers can also schedule an appointment by calling (304) 558-8000.

“As government service begins to return to normal, we want West Virginians who prefer conducting business in-person to

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