Business Analytics Firms To Watch Out, That Is Attracting Workforce And Revolutionizing Recruitment

Every organization employs business analytics to enable data-driven decisions. Business analytics provides an excellent overview and insights into how companies can become more efficient, optimize, and automate their processes, and improve the quality of decision-making. The job opening in the data analytics industry is a never-ending saga. More and more tech players are opting for business analytics firms every day. As business analytics role range from data scientists and data engineers to data analyst, database administrator, machine learning engineer, data architect, statisticians, and business analyst, the job market is vast and always welcomes both new and experienced people.  

Hereby enclosing, Business Analytics Firms to watch out, that is attracting workforce and revolutionizing recruitment:

Following are the 4 Data Analytics companies which are attracting more workforce and have seen an upward trajectory based on continued growth, strong performance, and innovation.

1. Merilytics: It offers advanced and intelligent analytical solutions to clients

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Good for Coinbase, Bad for Crypto

Welcome to the Capital Note, a newsletter about business, finance, and economics. On the menu today: Coinbase’s crypto correlation, another tech IPO, consumer borrowing stalls, and a look back at the Bitcoin white paper. To sign up for the Capital Note, follow this link.

Coinbase: A Bet on Crypto?

The basic value proposition of Bitcoin and similar digital currencies is:

  1. They are not controlled by a centralized, trusted authority, so crypto transactions are immutable and open to anyone.

  2. They can’t be devalued by a central bank or some other government entity.

Which is awkward for Coinbase, a centralized corporation that listed on the Nasdaq yesterday with the blessing of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The exchange’s $60-some billion valuation is a result of a fantastically profitable exercise in centralizing decentralized assets. Coinbase makes money because its users trust it to buy and store their Bitcoin in the same

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Hosting Video Calls in a Changed Business World

With a large proportion of the workforce still confined to their homes, virtual meetings have proven a remarkably effective way for finance and accounting firms to align remote teams and keep workers connected.

However, best practices for using of this technology are still evolving and the learning curve continues. Here are my golden rules for professionals charged with hosting video calls:

  • No agenda, no meeting — Having an agenda is vital for keeping attendees on task at any meeting. But in a forum where people are often distracted and tempted to multitask, following an agenda is even more critical. Create a PowerPoint presentation that can hold people’s attention and make the first slide a depiction of the agenda. Include the purpose of the meeting, the objectives that need to be achieved and how long the discussion will last. After a brief on-camera welcome, share your screen and start the PowerPoint
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COCC’s business development center now accepts GI Bill benefits | Education

Since 2014, Shawn Hawkins has attended occasional business classes at Central Oregon Community College’s noncredit business program, the Small Business Development Center. He believes these courses helped him get his company, Tiger Town Brewing Co. in Mitchell, off the ground in 2017.

But when Hawkins signed up for a Quickbooks Online class at the Small Business Development Center, he noticed something odd: It was free.

Hawkins was suddenly able to use his GI Bill benefits — which he earned from his U.S. Marine Corps service from 1990 to 1996 — for the first time at the business center.

“It felt great,” he said. “Who doesn’t love saving money?”

On Wednesday, COCC announced that it was accepting GI Bill benefits for its noncredit courses at the Small Business Development Center.

Although veterans could use these benefits — which either lower or completely eliminate tuition costs for college classes — for credit

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