Alibaba’s Huge Browser Business Is Harvesting The ‘Private’ Web Activity Of Millions Of Android And iPhone Users

If you went to download Alibaba-owned app UC Browser this month, whether from Google’s Android Play store or Apple’s iOS App Store, you would have been promised that with its “incognito” mode, no web browsing or search history would be recorded. Such guarantees, alongside promises of fast download times, have made the app, created by Alibaba subsidiary UCWeb, incredibly popular across the world, with 500 million downloads on Android alone. Whilst Americans may not have heard of the app, according to one analysis, it’s the fourth biggest browser by user numbers in the world, largely because

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Enterprising Women of Color Business Center names new director | The Roux

The Women’s Business Enterprise Council South recently received a $1 million federal grant to continue operating a center that promotes minority small business owners, particularly women entrepreneurs.

The grant will support the Enterprising Women of Color Business Center’s outreach and educational efforts for women-owned businesses.

New Orleans native Tiffany Carter will lead the efforts as the business center’s new director.

“I’m thrilled about the national engagement options of this new role in both public and private sectors,” Carter said. “Funding this program comes at such a critical time for many businesses owned by women of color. The strategies are different, the support needs are special and I’m excited to create an intentional model that can be shared in all marketplaces.

The WBEC South is a regional partner organization of the WBE National Council, serving women-owned businesses in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and the Florida Panhandle.

In her new role, Carter

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Global Unwrought Aluminium Alloys Market to 2025 – Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights –

DUBLIN–()–The “World – Unwrought Aluminium Alloys – Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights” report has been added to’s offering.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of supply and demand for unwrought aluminium alloys on the global market. It will help you to find actionable insights and make data-driven decisions for growing your business. This report contains the latest data on market trends and opportunities, consumption, production, imports, exports and price developments. The forecast reveals the market perspectives through to 2025.

Countries coverage: Worldwide – the report contains statistical data for 200 countries and includes detailed profiles of the 50 largest consuming countries (United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Italy, Russian Federation, India, Canada, Australia, Republic of Korea, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Sweden, Nigeria, Poland, Belgium, Argentina, Norway, Austria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Denmark, South Africa, Malaysia, Israel,

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Global Shortages During Coronavirus Reveal Failings of Just in Time Manufacturing

In the story of how the modern world was constructed, Toyota stands out as the mastermind of a monumental advance in industrial efficiency. The Japanese automaker pioneered so-called Just In Time manufacturing, in which parts are delivered to factories right as they are required, minimizing the need to stockpile them.

Over the last half-century, this approach has captivated global business in industries far beyond autos. From fashion to food processing to pharmaceuticals, companies have embraced Just In Time to stay nimble, allowing them to adapt to changing market demands, while cutting costs.

But the tumultuous events of the past year have challenged the merits of paring inventories, while reinvigorating concerns that some industries have gone too far, leaving them vulnerable to disruption. As the pandemic has hampered factory operations and sown chaos in global shipping, many economies around the world have been bedeviled by shortages of a vast range of

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