Senior Business Analyst – FARFETCH job with FARFETCH Group

FARFETCH exists for the love of fashion. Our mission is to be the global platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers.

We’re a positive platform for good, bringing together an incredible creative community made up by our people, our partners and our customers. This community is at the heart of our business success. We welcome differences, empower individuality and celebrate diverse skills and perspectives, creating an inclusive environment for everyone. We are FARFETCH for All.


We’re passionate about operational excellence, acting with our customers and partners always in our heart. Covering the entire order journey, we create our online content, secure payments and fraud process compliance, ensure order fulfilment and delivery, while providing customer and partner care. In a nutshell, we love to create seamless and memorable luxury experiences for our customers all around the world.


Our Porto office is located in Portugal’s vibrant second city,

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The IRS is cracking down on digital payments. Here’s what it means for you

Payment app providers will have to start reporting to the IRS a user’s business transactions if, in aggregate, they total $600 or more for the year. A business transaction is defined as payment for a good or service.

Prior to this change, app providers only had to send the IRS a Form 1099-K if an individual account had at least 200 business transactions in a year and if those transactions combined resulted in gross payments of at least $20,000.

The expansion of the reporting rule is the result of a provision in the American Rescue Plan, which was signed into law earlier this year. The ultimate aim of the provision is to clamp down on unreported, taxable income.

Keep in mind, the new reporting threshold does not change your basic tax responsibilities. Income you receive for a good or service — including tips — has always been reportable and in

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Forecast: Business Travel Spending to Reach 2019 Level in 2024

Overall U.S. business travel volume remains on track to grow steadily until 2024, when it should fully recover to per-pandemic 2019 levels, according to a new forecast from the U.S. Travel Association. 

The organizations project 2021 U.S. business transient and group spending to total $93 billion and $43 billion, respectively, up from $59 billion and $28 billion in 2020 but well shy of the pr-Covid levels of $157 billion and $113 billion in 2019.

Those spending figures should increase steadily in 2022 and 2023, according to the forecast. Then, 2024 U.S. business transient and group spending is projected to reach $164 billion and $113 billion, at least matching 2019 levels. 

“While we see much reason for optimism on the horizon, our forecast reveals that travel’s recovery is uneven with much work ahead to ensure all segments reach pre-pandemic levels,” said U.S. Travel Association president and CEO Roger Dow in a

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Rethinking ‘Team’ In The Business World

Just about every internal work email we send starts with “Dear Team.” In fact, we talk about teams all the time in the workplace, even relabeling many of our “committees” as “teams.” For example, we no longer have an Executive Committee. We have an Executive Team. We’re all in on team spirit.

However, a conversation with a former colleague recently reminded us that we need to be mindful of how we use the ubiquitous term “team” and what it really means in some companies. Thinking of and referring to our company as a “team” full of smaller, constituent “teams” is nice and sounds great, but, depending on a person’s perspective, that term can have vastly different meanings in the business world.

In speaking with our former colleague, who now had the experience of working in different environments, we gained an additional insight that now seems obvious to us

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