The 10 Best Online Business Analytics Certifications To Power Up Your Resume

As Big Data gets bigger, demand is soaring for professionals with business analytic skills.

According to Statista, the total amount of data consumed around the globe is expected to more than double in the next five years, from 79 zettabytes in 2021 to more than 180 zettabytes in 2025. That’s zettabytes — as in 180 trillion gigabytes. 

In an era when Big Data is getting, well, much much bigger, demand is soaring for professionals who can make sense of all that information while applying insights to increasingly complex business problems. GMAC reports that 62% of corporate recruiters plan to hire MSBA graduates in 2021, up from 47% in 2020. 

Business schools are responding to the market demand. The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University announced a new full-time Master’s of Science in Business Analytics just this month while Michigan Ross announced its new MSBA in August. They’re

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TikTok Got More Traffic Than Google in 2021: Ranking

  • TikTok got more traffic than Google this year, according to a ranking by Cloudflare. 
  • The app peaked in February, March, and June, and has retained the top spot since August.
  • TikTok use has flourished during the coronavirus pandemic. 

TikTok was the most popular website in 2021, surpassing even Google, according to Cloudflare

Cloudfare’s 2021 Year In Review Internet Rankings said TikTok first slid into the top spot back in February of this year. But it wasn’t until August that TikTok consistently ranked highest in internet traffic.

The Cloudflare ranking was a dramatic shift from 2020, when TikTok held the number eight spot in the same report, with Google in the top spot. 

TikTok, owned by the Chinese company formally known as ByteDance, became available worldwide in August 2018 when it merged with another popular app, Internet influencers had turned to after Vine, a

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College of The Albemarle’s Small Business Center welcomes Holly Staples as new director – The Coastland Times

College of The Albemarle (COA) has announced that Holly Staples will join COA’s Small Business Center as its Director on January 1, 2022. Staples brings 18 years of professional experience with expertise in communications, business development, networking and customer experience development.

Staples is no stranger to meeting the needs of businesses in the community. She joins COA from the Elizabeth City Chamber of Commerce, where she has served as president since April 2018.

“I am so excited to have Holly join the COA family. She brings a tremendous network of connections and a deep understanding of the local community to the work she will be doing for COA. College of The Albemarle exists to serve our community by helping to provide access to the expertise and training needed by area businesses and industries — our Small Business Center is invaluable in this effort. Holly’s leadership will be counted on to

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Mark Zandi of Moody’s plans to dim his US economic forecast after Omicron concerns

“With Omicron looming and DC in disarray, risks to the economic recovery next year are not inconsequential and are rising,” Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, told CNN on Monday.

Moody’s is currently predicting GDP growth of 4.4% in 2022, but Zandi said that forecast will be cut by as much as one percentage point.

“Right now, it does feel like this Covid wave is bigger and more serious than I thought it would be just a few weeks ago,” Zandi said, pointing to the rapid spread in Europe, especially the United Kingdom.

Even though symptoms from Omicron may be less severe, resulting in lower hospitalizations and deaths, Zandi worries the caseloads will be so high that “hospital systems could be overwhelmed.”

“Once that happens, that disrupts business,” Zandi said. “Governments have to start shutting businesses down or reimposing social distancing rules and restrictions on travel. Things that make

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