7 Ways Business Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

7 Ways Business Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

This article features top 7 ways business intelligence can improve your business

Business intelligence combines business analytics, data visualization, data mining, infrastructure and data tools, and best practices to help companies make more informed decisions. It involves methods and processes that collect, store, and analyze data from business activities or operations to optimize performance. Analysts can provide competitor and performance benchmarks to help companies run smoothly and more efficiently by taking advantage of business intelligence. They can also identify market trends quickly to boost sales and revenue.

Business intelligence systems increase organizational efficiency, enhance data-based decision making, improve customer experience and employee satisfaction. Organizations know their market and performance through business intelligence and can strategically position themselves for more competitive advantage. When buying a business intelligence software, consider the data environment, analytical features, real-time business intelligence, role-based access, collaboration features, deployment options, interface responsiveness, and reporting abilities. Below are a few ways that business intelligence can improve your business.


1. Data-based decision making

Business intelligence organizes scattered company information in a structured and analyzable manner, enabling strategic decision-making. With a system that keeps your organizational data up-to-date and in a centralized place, you can make sound business decisions and experience better financial performance. Understanding the difference between business intelligence and financial reporting will help you make more informed decisions.

With the help of a sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, the gap between junior staff and managers is bridged, and a range of core business metrics whose data sets are compiled in the CRM system is delivered. Once the CRM system analyses the data, its reporting feature provides the data in figures and facts form so the business management can use it to back their decisions.


2. Gain customer insights

As market dynamics continue to change, so are the customer needs. They’re looking for solutions to their problems. This has led to increased demand for built-in business intelligence tools such a CRM. With a CRM system, you can understand how your customers are interacting with your brand in real-time. CRM software with accurate data can help you find the best ways to reach your customers. It allows you to retrieve customer intelligence essential to transform your business for the new-age customer journey.

The data insights collected make it easy for you to segment customers depending on their journey. They can also help you target customized customer experience techniques for various customer batches. This allows you to optimally utilize your resources on interested potential customers to continue meeting your growth goals as you maintain the current customer base.


3. Enhance market intelligence

Business intelligence software can help you gain market intelligence. In contrast, business intelligence tools can help you analyze data such as purchasing patterns, identify customer insights, forecast market trends, and track customer behavior in a better way. With this data available in a centralized location, companies become more responsive to marketplace changes, allowing you to plan your production unit.


4. Effective business model

To make your business model durable and more result-driven, consider all the data in your possession, including competitor marketing strategy, market insights, customer purchasing habits stats, and more. You can study your organization’s data and analyze external business information with business intelligence. The insights help you create an effective business model to guide your every business move.


5. Customized sales strategy

Before the sales and marketing teams pitch to a company, it’s essential to understand its sales numbers, annual turnover, competitors, merger details, outsourcing partners, trading policies, and more. You can quickly get the information if you’re dealing with a publicly-traded company.

When dealing with a private entity, the sales and marketing team should leverage business intelligence tools for the lead’s business budget plans, turnover, future growth plans, sales numbers, and necessary information. Based on the insights from the research, the sales team can craft a sales pitch that’s personalized and more specific, increasing your sales chances.


6. Determine your marketing ROI

Business intelligence can help your business calculate its marketing initiative’s ROI from email, social media, apps, AdWord campaigns, and analytics. From the BI’s generated analytical reports driven by data and facts, you can determine what is working for your company. With all the market insights provided by business intelligence analytics, you can identify ineffective marketing strategies, eliminate them and alter your budget. You can also spot the techniques that bring in more results to capitalize on them for business growth.


7. Mobile business intelligence

Acquiring information on the go has become critical for most businesses today. Without real-time data access, your business can’t gain a competitive advantage. With a fully integr
mobile business intelligence solution, you can access critical business information essential for strategic decision-making on the go, straight from your smart mobile device, a laptop, or tablet. Real-time business data access makes it easy for you to close new deals, serve existing clients better and salvage poor-performing jobs.



Thanks to continuous technological growth, businesses today collect and store a lot of data. If not well utilized, the data can become a burden and an expense for a business. While analyzing and structuring that data may be time-consuming and overwhelming, business intelligence both optimizes and automates the process, saving you time and money. Consider investing in business intelligence and keep up with its trends and predictions for better results.

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