Best Banks In Norway For Business

Since the beginning of time, banks have been crucial to the success of the country’s economy. They are essential to the growth of commerce and production. Capital formation is one of banking’s primary contributions to the nation’s economic growth. Producing new credit and productively investing money are some of the crucial tasks. Norway is a developed and modern country with a relatively small but robust economy. Roughly 120 finance companies in Norway are operating in the banking sector. 

The banking sector in Norway has assets worth around USD 530 billion, and the industry is widely regarded as stable. The banks in Norway play a crucial role in stimulating the country’s economy and fostering the growth of its various sectors.

Business-Generating Bank Rankings

Online reviews in Norway suggest that the following banks are the most successful at bringing more business to the country.


DNB BANK ASA has more assets than any other Norwegian bank. With 2020 total assets of 2,202.31 billion Norwegian Krone, the bank held 49.82% of the market. DNB BANK ASA has a market share of 79.82%, making it the largest commercial bank in Norway (out of 23 commercial banks). At the end of 2020, the bank had an operating income of 21 052,76 mln NOK. 

Fitch has given the bank an A+ for its long-term creditworthiness (high credit quality). Moody’s has provided the bank with an Aa2 long-term credit rating (high grade). 

SpareBank 1

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is Norway’s second-largest bank. In 2020, the bank had 215,93 bln NOK in assets and a 4.8% market share. SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is Norway’s largest savings bank (out of 93), with a 13% market share. The bank earned 1 070 mln NOK in 2020.

Sparebank 1 SMN

Sparebank 1 SMN is Norway’s third-largest bank in terms of assets. In 2020, the bank had 182,87 bln NOK in assets and a 4.14% market share. Sparebank 1 SMN is the second-largest savings bank in Norway (out of 93), with an 11.01% market share. The bank earned 1 356,30 mln NOK in 2020.

Santander Consumer Bank AS

Norway’s fourth-largest assets-wise bank is Santander Consumer Bank AS. In 2020, the bank had 171.93 billion NOK in assets and a 3.89% market share. SANTANDER CONSUMER BANK AS is Norway’s 2nd largest commercial bank (out of 23). In 2020, the bank earned 1,726.22 million NOK.

Sparebank 1 Ostlandet

Sparebank 1 Ostlandet ranks 5th in Norway by assets. In 2020, the bank’s total assets were 144.64 bln NOK, giving it a 3.27% market share. Sparebank 1 Ostlandet is Norway’s 3rd largest savings bank (out of 93). It has a market share of 8.70%. The bank made 1 342,05 mln NOK in 2020.


While there are other great banks, the ones listed above are among the best for business. Norway has a computerized banking system that offers internet banking. No significant barriers exist to the free market flow of financial resources. Both domestic and foreign investors have access to many credit instruments. The financial regulatory system is transparent and international.