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BPO in the Pilippines Call Centers

As globalization expands the benefits of global BPO are becoming easier to obtain for small and mid-sized companies. Business Process Outsourcing otherwise known as BPO has only been available to large firms and the Fortune 500 and now the trends are starting to change. India and China are the top outsourcing countries of the world followed by the Philippines. More and more American companies are becoming players in the international scene, just as more and more companies are starting to choose BPO in the Philippines to run their off shore call centers. The Philippines consist of a group of 7,000+ islands that all together only take up the land mass of Arizona. The country was occupied for over 300 years by the Spanish followed by an American occupation, which led to the country’s Independence and this spawned its transformation from Eastern to Western Culture. Unlike other outsourcing hubs of the world, BPO Philippines not only offers a high rate of exchange on its currency as well as an English speaking population but also a culture and lifestyle that is very much like our own.

I have a close friend from India that has been in the US for over 14 years now and even though he knows the English language very well his accent is choppy and his understanding of American culture and mannerisms is still vague. One time while visiting with him he made a phone call to his local electric company to have his service transferred and I got the chance to hear the conversation. The agent from the electric company was in an American and I could tell they had quite a communication problem. I noticed that my friend had to repeat himself several times and had trouble telling the agent his request. It took a frustrating twelve minutes to process his request when I could have done it easily in five. Looking back I really think the agent could understand him but sub-consciously gave him a hard time due to his accent.

Philippines Call Center

The next day I was ordering phone service from a VOIP provider and spoke to a call center agent to setup my service. It wasn’t till the end of the conversation that I asked him where their call center was located (as I always do, since I work in the industry) and to my surprise he said it was a Philippines call center. This was when I realized, I may need to look into BPO Philippines call centers. The agent spoke using American slang and had somewhat of a Spanish accent so I assumed he was in Southern Florida or Southern California. After finding out about BPO Philippines I started doing research and found that Dell, IBM, Vonage along with many other Fortune 500 companies had migrated, if you will, to the Philippines to open call center facilities of their own. Filipino agents speak Spanish as well as English and provide superior telesales services.

BPO Philippines

Our company now owns and operates a facility in the Philippines call center district of Manila. BPO in the Philippines has increased our conversions and sales as well as our customer satisfaction. Find out how BPO Philippines Call Centers can give your business the competitive edge.