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Today, more than ever, restaurants and the food service sector have become truly essential. The pandemic showed us how quickly consumer behav­iour changes and how resilient the restaurant industry is, which had to accelerate technology adoption to scale its operations almost a decade ahead of time.

Launched in 2012, POSist is a cloud-based res­taurant technology platform that is suited for res­taurants of all sizes. The platform makes restaurants and cloud kitchens efficient by automating their operations so that restaurateurs can focus on making great food without worrying about maintaining complex on-premise systems. 

POSist offers cloud-based software designed for non-technical users and business owners who need data-driven insights to boost profits. Currently, POSist is trusted by over 8,000 restaurants in 20 countries and 100 cities worldwide, large enterprise chains like Taco Bell, Jamie’s Italian, UK based Millie’s Cookies, Olive Bar & Kitchen, among others are the company’s valued customers. Headquartered in New Delhi, POSist has over 130 employees with a presence in Dubai, Mexico, New York, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune.


Highlighting the company’s journey of last year, Sakshi Tulsian, Co-Founder and CRO, POSist Technologies said, “Being at the core of restaurant technology, for us 2020 was a rollercoaster ride. We have seen a V-shaped recovery of our business in just about ten months from March to December 2020.” 

“The positive indicators that we saw during the pandemic were that there was no churn among our customers. However, given the market conditions, we had to realign our business targets considering the reality that restaurants will run on minimum capex for the next few months till the industry gets back to normalcy,” Tulsian said.

Further, Tulsian stated, “Today, we have recovered our business at 100 per cent of the pre-covid level. The recovery has come on the back of our agility to respond to the needs of the market, we were among the first movers to build a full-stack solution for cloud kitchens, which has emerged as a business model that restau­rants are now increasingly exploring.” She added, “Our rate of growth in cloud kitchen technology for new as well as existing customers is much bet­ter than pre-covid times.”


POSist is built to improve the bottom-line efficiency of restau­rants so that restaurateurs can focus on making great food and delight guests without worrying about maintaining complex on-premise systems. It offers subscrip­tion-based software designed for non-technical users and business owners who need data-driven insights to boost profits.


Stating the USP of the venture, Tulsian said, “We are a completely hardware and platform-agnostic software, which means POSist can work seamlessly on any device without any hardware depend­ency.” The platform is said to even work offline in case of any internet outage. The software keeps the data updated in the backend. “This gives a hassle-free experience to the users without worrying about data loss.” 

“POSist is among very few play­ers in the restaurant technology to offer a rich integration platform that offers over 150 third-party integrations with all the leading aggregators, logistics partners, loy­alty partners, wallets, not just in India but also globally,” Tulsian said.

POSist invests and provides round the clock support to custom­ers on call and email and its sup­port services are recognised by the industry, and it takes pride in oper­ating on the mantra of being a skin-in-the-game partner.