Agacious Research (Sagacious IP) is a global IP research and consulting firm helping companies and institutions to monetise IP, defend IP litiga­tions and provide intelligence so they can lead through innovation in their industry and achieve most out of their IP budgets.

While setting up the company, the initial chal­lenge was hiring skilled candidates who possessed sound technical knowledge and took complete ownership of the customers. After adding many global customers to its kitty and moving their heads towards India to make it an IP Savvy nation, the biggest challenge is making Indian SME’s IP aware as they believe IP rights are only intended for hi-tech companies whereas in reality conventional industries benefit more from it.

Tarun Kumar Bansal, President, Sagacious IP, stated, “Creating such a company out of India is rather a unique achievement as India is not really considered an IP Savvy country by developed economies. We cur­rently have customers from over 65 countries and have offices in six countries providing services in over 16 languages.” He added, “We have supported companies like Amazon, HPE, Biogen, Daimler amongst others in making/ elevating their IP strategies.”


Speaking about the past year and impact of the pandemic on business, Bansal mentioned, “Fortunately for us our revenues were not impacted due to Covid-19, infact, we received growth considering innovation in the medical field was on a high. As a company, we support different tech­nology areas with a team of over 300 people. This year we are expecting to grow our revenue by atleast 25- 30 per cent. In our domain, we have been innovating really well and have come up with newer business mod­els that were later copied by other competitors as well.”

Sagacious Research puts in a lot of effort for learning and develop­ment of its people and hence believes that people are the most important asset for the company’s overall success. Bansal stated, “Our people prac­tices puts us ahead of the competition and enable us to innovate new business models that are not explored by other organisa­tions.” 


“The policies we make and the trust that people have on the company is what makes us dif­ferent, and therefore, we have been a great place to work at for in the past three years,” added Bansal. With all business knowl­edge gained from running Sagacious IP and wealth cre­ated, Bansal has diversified sig­nificantly and created multiple other businesses including social ones to support less privi­leged, preserve heritage of India amongst others that have also gained attention of the likes of Government and Bollywood. 

Amazon, for example, considers the company’s consumer product business ‘Safe -O- Kid’ as one of the top brands to watch out for in baby product segment in India.