Discounts for jabs: Turkish business world calls for vaccination

Turkish businesses were called to kick off campaigns to promote vaccination against the COVID-19 pandemic in the latest drive to contain the spread of the virus while keeping the economy on track without lockdowns or restrictions.

Şekib Avdagiç, chairperson of the Commerce Chamber of Istanbul (ITO) said Wednesday that by inviting the business world to the “get vaccinated, get the discount” campaign, they invite large companies, retail groups, financial institutions, businesses such as airlines and hotels serving the public, and every company that wants to participate to the “vaccine rewards” system.

He said in a written statement that this would be a great support from the business world to increase the rates of vaccinated people amid resurgent COVID-19 cases in the country.

Over 22 million people countrywide haven’t yet received any of their COVID-19 jab doses.

“Just like the seasonal discount season we apply, we can make vaccination season discounts. Higher discounts can be applied to those who have had the vaccine. Those who have been vaccinated before can also be rewarded,” Avdagiç explained.

Noting that the incentives will be beneficial in preventing avoidance of vaccination, Avdagiç said there are 640,000 companies that are members of the ITO.

“We recommend that most of these companies, which have hundreds of thousands of employees and millions of customers, carry out vaccination campaigns, including effective methods such as discounts,” he said.