Driving business to local service providers while giving back to the community

  • On-the-go lawn management: everything from scheduling, billing, cancellations, customer support and more is done through the Wemow mobile app.
  • Customizable service: users can select their service frequency and level, preferred days and time, as well as any add-ons to create their own perfect lawn service.
  • Subscription-based lawn care: in just a few clicks Wemow enables customers to take care of their lawn for the entire season with its unique subscription model.
  • Simple and transparent: users of Wemow know exactly what they’re paying for before services are booked. There’s no contracts or fees to get started.

Along with its no-fuss approach to lawn care, Wemow is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to save time while benefiting from mobile, on-the-go service management. 

“Homeowners are busier than ever and having easy to order and manage services are the new normal. We’ve taken on an outdated industry, lawn care, and created a platform that focuses in on technology, mobile convenience, professional services, and local impact,” shares Wemow founder, Jason Sifford.

Wemow has gained popularity in its short time since launching as their approach to lawn care has become the preferred option for customers. Starting its base in the North Texas and South Florida areas, the company has already expanded to 10 states and continues to grow its roots.

Partnering together with local service professionals, Wemow has a team of fully insured, verified, lawn care providers in each community they operate in. The Wemow platform enables local lawn businesses to connect with new customers so they can tap into more jobs in the areas they already operate in to maximize route density. Unlike other service aggregators, Wemow prides itself on straight-forward, transparent pricing for providers as well. There is no bidding on jobs or price gouging. “Our commitment to 5-star service and business integrity can be seen throughout our business model. Wemow pays its providers up to 30% more than payout from the competition while keeping prices for customers consistent with area averages,” adds Sifford.

Just like their focus on empowering local businesses, the lawn care company also is committed to giving back to the causes that matter in each community. Wemow’s Gives Back program lets customers contribute $1.00 from every completed service to their child’s college fund or local PTA. The company’s community focused lawn care gives customers the ability to do more with the services they’re already paying for so they can see the causes they believe in grow. 

To learn more about Wemow, visit wemow.com or download the app on iOS or Google Play to get started. Wemow is now booking for the 2021 season.

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SOURCE Wemow, Inc.