Easy ways to sell your products on Amazon

6 Ways to Find Products to Sell on Amazon - NerdWallet

Selling your products on Amazon is a great way to make good money. The process of selling on Amazon is quite easy and simpler. There are a few simple steps that you need to follow. There are some options of selling on Amazon free 

Step one for you:

Register your profile with Amazon

You can try to sell your stock on Amazon after setting up your Amazon account. If you already have bought something from Amazon, you should have an account and you can start selling right away. You can also follow a few simple steps to set new account. 

There are two different types of seller’s accounts in Amazon:

  • Pro-Marchant

 If you are expecting to sell a lot, you can complete the process by paying a small fee. There is no standard cost per sale. If you are looking for a long selling process, this is the best option for you. 

  • Individual 

If you want to sell on amazon for free, this is the best option for you. You can set up your account free of cost and will be charged a very little fee on your every sale. If you want to sell very few items on Amazon every month, this option is ideal for you.
no matter, what account you select to go with, setting up both accounts is quite easy. If you visit the Amazon website, you will find all the automated instructions one by one. Make sure to be registered before start selling your item. 

Step two

Find the right items 

As you are registered with Amazon, now you can start selling on Amazon. You need to search now through wide amounts of products on the website and find the right products you are looking for. It can be possible that your products don’t exist already. In that case, you have to create a new complete product description for it. Mostly Amazon comes with a vast catalogue and chances are that you will the product you are looking for. Selling the pre-existing item is one of the best places to start to familiarise yourself with the process that Amazon operates.

Step 3 

List your products for sale 

There is a little button on the website that you may find with the title “sell your products”. This button comes as a “label”. You need to find this button first, once you have found the products you want to sell, you just need to click on the label button. It will be at the top right side of your product page. Some questions will be there on the page also. The questions will be like the condition of the product, colour, other details and the price that you want to offer for it. These are the simple page instructions available on Amazon and you need to follow them only to set up your own product list to sell on Amazon. You can start selling the products you have, once you have such products you can confidently sell on Amazon. Amazon is a globally popular platform and it is best to sell here.