Embedded Finance? We Need Embedded Health

Embedded finance is great and I love having apps on my phone that take care of the interface to the tedious world of banks and money so that I don’t have to deal with them. But embedded finance doesn’t get me out of the house. And it can’t get me in to watch a soccer game. It can’t get me onto a plane. Perhaps in the post-COVID world, embedded health will be more important then embedded finance.

Think about it. What’s the point of having all sorts of clever pre-pay, instant-pay and pay-later mechanisms that I can use to buy train tickets if I am not allowed on a train? Why bother with fancy QR code contact-free dining experiences if I am not allowed into a restaurant? How do I benefit from sophisticated electronic tickets dropped directly into my phone when I am not allowed into the concert hall?

What is really needed to ease the economy back on track in the recurring pandemic, new normal world is the ability to show a vaccination record as well as a plane ticket and a negative test result along with an ID to get into a bar.