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Chelan County commercial sales

David R. and Terri L. Hellyer, Property ID 44906 and 44907 (two parcels), Chelan, $418,000, sold to PG Chelan Condos LLC

Curtis N. and Mary A. Epperson, 716 Ringold St. 1 (Property ID 14525), Wenatchee, $475,000, sold to Simon D. and Marriah M. Thornock

Curtis N. and Mary A. Epperson, 716 Ringold St. 1 (Property ID 14529), Wenatchee, $475,000, sold to Simon D. and Marriah M. Thornock

Corporation of the Catholic Bishop of Yakima, 145 Wheeler St., Leavenworth, $1,500,000, sold to HCF Leavenworth Holdings LLC

Eileen L. Bonifield, 1240 W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $75,000, sold to Richard and Margaret Peterson

GBI Holding Co., 1407 Walla Walla Ave., Wenatchee, $1,800,000, sold to Grancee LLC

Austin Bischof LLC, 20 Poplar Ave., Wenatchee, $361,000, sold to Jaime A. Johnson Living Trust

HFW LLC, 1846 N. Wenatchee Ave. and Property ID 26897 and 26898 (three parcels), Wenatchee, $241,223, sold to Wenpal LLC

Riverwatch Properties LLC, 709 S. Mission St. 1 and 705 S. Mission St. (two parcels), Wenatchee, $545,000, sold to Areli Ramos and Hugo Ramos Orea

The Vogue LLC, 117 E. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $730,000, sold to Mary F. McAllister and Zachary B. Dickson

Chelan County residential sales

Lineage WA Wenatchee RE LLC, 315 N. Worthen St., Wenatchee, $2,750,000, sold to Riverfront Village Phase 1 LLC

Scott A. Haynes, 6270 Forest Ridge Drive, Wenatchee, $500,000, sold to Olga Grunskaya

Eva L. Edmonds, 22011 Stirrup Road, Plain, $85,000, sold to Daniel T. and Erin C. Cahoon

Aron K. Wallace, 1631 Washington St., Wenatchee, $350,000, sold to Rachel M. Evey

Darryl C. and Melinda M. Wall, 1909 Leavenworth Place, Wenatchee, $436,500, sold to Andrew J. and Megan J. Gohl

Leslie D. Cope, 524 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, $447,000, sold to Marion and Christine A. Gobbato

Bruce D. Guske, 716 S. Mission St., Wenatchee, $120,000, sold to Elvira A. Aguilar

Gary S. Bruggeman, 1714 Ninth St., Wenatchee, $371,000, sold to Mitzi Lopez Chavez and Nathan R. Mendez

Cathi L. Helseth, 18512 Hazel St., Plain, $525,000, sold to Zachary and Cassie Miller

CK Chelan LLC, 423 W. Webster Ave., Chelan, $312,500, sold to Michael J. and Bari R. Lynch

Hiram C. and Christi J. Beach, 746 S. Chelan Ave., Wenatchee, $314,900, sold to McDonald P. and Alyssa S. Bones

Kristen B. Thorstenson, 2622 Methow St., Wenatchee, $395,000, sold to Enok P. and Kerry L. Harnish

Stephen B. and Susan G. Gregg, 11155 S. Lakeshore Road 23A, Chelan, $250,000, sold to Jason and Jenny Black

Thelma F. Powers, 25304 Saddle St., Plain, $135,000, sold to Sheldon and Brittany Kitts

Sonny Joe Sanders et al, 14107 Idlewild Road, Lake Wenatchee, $133,000, sold to Armiene Brooks et al

Gregory G. Rex, 2326 Kinnikinnick Drive, Lake Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Kevin and Lugene Smith

Jeffrey and Shelli Wanamaker, 132 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $825,000, sold to Brock A. and Carol A. Miller

Victor Garcia, 1769 Methow St., Wenatchee, $270,000, sold to Francisco and Carla Zavala Gamino

Dustin A. and Alicia A. Messer, 1206 Crawford Ave., Wenatchee, $569,000, sold to Mark and Mollie Huppert

Putnum Properties LLC, 123 W. Whitman St. A, Leavenworth, $579,000, sold to Plum House LLC

Sweeting Family Revocable Living Trust, 103 N. Park & Woodin Ave., Chelan, $499, sold to Petersons Waterfront Owners Association

Augustin S. and Yaneth R. Aguiniga, 531 Walker Ave., Wenatchee, $290,100, sold to Delia and Gerardo Garcia

Alissa O’Connell, 525 Alpine Place H2, Leavenworth, $415,000, sold to Joshua and Erin Meese

Cody and Chris Bench, 242 Whitman St., Leavenworth, $760,000, sold to David Brownell and Ami Grubbs

Bank of America N.A., 234 Dinkelman Lane, Entiat, $180,500, sold to Patrick McLean

Highland Investment Properties LLC, 2115 W. Terrace Ave., Chelan, $370,000, sold to Lorraine M. Betts and Michael H. Dubery

Aimee R. Vespier, 2103 Fifth St., Wenatchee, $429,000, sold to Katherine L. Peterson and Patrick J. English

George and Chasity McCrum, 1910 Pensione Place, Wenatchee, $505,000, sold to Megan and Brian Lenz

Jodi L. Palmer and Colleen Palmer, 85 Wedge View Lane, Leavenworth, $989,000, sold to Ryan T. Mrazik and Julie E. Schwartz

Richard G. Ambrose and Dorothy Ambrose-Long, 19 Grandview Lane, Chelan, $950,000, sold to Holly McVey Dunlap and David A. Dunlap

Gerald R. Moro, 1121 Monitor Ave., Wenatchee, $260,000, sold to Andrew Paroline

Victor E. and Brenda J. Flint, 1217 Red Apple Road, Wenatchee, $530,000, sold to Marc and Janessa Rohrbach

Estate of Clayton L. and Mary A. Steele, 18480 Nason Ridge Road 2, Lake Wenatchee, $433,135, sold to Patrick Duggan and Jessica Sellers Duggan

Estate of Clayton L. and Mary A. Steele, 18480 Nason Ridge Road, Lake Wenatchee, $125,000, sold to Patrick Duggan and Jessica Sellers Duggan

Estate of Clayton L. and Mary A. Steele, Property ID 34508, Lake Wenatchee, $150,000, sold to Patrick Duggan and Jessica Sellers-Duggan

Darrell D. and Tami L. Long, 10 S. Cove Ave. 1A, Wenatchee, $234,000, sold to Scott P. and Tonya K. Mason

Sunset Marina LLC, Property ID 66737, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $67,960, sold to Ronald E. and Christine M. Strand

Puget Sound Quality Construction Inc., 59 Paramont Ridge Lane, Manson, $560,000, sold to Brian E. and Crystal A. Aber

Juan J. Olivares Munoz, 1017 Lindy St., Wenatchee, $220,000, sold to Lorena E. Bonilla Vazquez

Henry J. Munneke, 178 Vintage Lane, Manson, $235,000, sold to Robert R. Knosp Living Trust

Catherine H. Kent, 2589 Lemaister Ave., Wenatchee, $200,000, sold to Zack and Marion K. Lodato

Preetpal Kaur and Baljit Singh, 108 San Remo Lane, Chelan, $730,000, sold to Kenneth and Sandra Hooker

John T. Cosker, 525 Alpine Place E2, Leavenworth, $420,000, sold to Prabhat and Patricia Bhama

Brad and Kara Schatz, 22402 Shetland Road, Plain, $499,000, sold to Lance I. and Jeannine F. Solomon et al

Jenelle M. Knishka, 4702 Highway 97,
Peshastin, $328,000, sold to Darin and Michelle Barenchi

Mikayla and Brandon Pipkin, 3629 Burchvale Road, Wenatchee, $499,900, sold to David H. Tran

Rigoberto and Lucila Maldonado, 6398 Campbell Road, Peshastin, $300,000, sold to Salvador Martinez

Christopher P. and Sarah A. Corwin, 13894 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $385,000, sold to Cross Creek Farm LLC

James G. and Sharon Seal, 15151 and 15155 S. Lakeshore Road, and Property ID 47509 and 47510 (four parcels), Chelan, $1,199,999, sold to Pascale and Joseph S. Boukhalil et al

Manuel Orozco, 514 S. Mission St., Wenatchee, $127,544, sold to Manuel Orozco et al

Kevin Burns, 4090 Tokay Ave., Malaga, $180,000, sold to Jose A. Morales Martinez

Keith Van Den Broek, 122 Creekside Place, Cashmere, $450,000, sold to Owen P. and Geerte E. Riparetti

Ronald S. Guenther, 11969 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth, $300,000, sold to Ricky D. Grams et al

The Zuluaga Family LLLP, 322 W. Woodin Ave. 525, Chelan, $320,000, sold to John Van Deinse and Nicola Longo

SSM Forty Investment Inc., Property ID 66748, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $69,950, sold to James L. Leopold et al

Amy Nguyen and Hoang Hung, 227 N. Western Ave., Wenatchee, $565,000, sold to Travis J. Shivel

Kayak LLC, 808 W. Manson Road A201, Chelan, $300,000, sold to Jeff Sherman and Lacey Lingenfelter

Adrian Valdovinos and Olivia Perez, 652 Craig Ave., Wenatchee, $410,000, sold to Adam P. Hubbard

Susan Fisher, Property ID 66759, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $65,000, sold to Amy E. Burton and William J. Burton Sr.

Brenda K. and Sutherland D. Buys, 1908 Grandview Loop, Wenatchee, $420,000, sold to Sandra Jones et al

Daniel Watson, 104 River St., Leavenworth, $749,000, sold to Nicholas and Julie Pankow

Kenneth D. and Audra M. Larson, 10465 Fox Road, Leavenworth, $848,000, sold to Mark R. and Sarah R.V. Jorgensen

Steve E. Haskins, 530 3rd St., Chelan Falls, $112,664, sold to Wesley M. and Mary E. Sherer

Gilman E. and Jill M. McKinnie, 1000 Highway 150 39, Manson, $240,000, sold to John Pinasco et al

Bradley and Jennie-Lynn A. Haag, 1737 Skylar Court, Wenatchee, $490,000, sold to Charles W. and Carol R. Solbrig Family Trust

Tyler D. Straight and Chelsea L. Duncan, 113 Mission Creek Road, Cashmere, $395,000, sold to Jesse Black

Bobby G. Richards et al, 1711 Bluegrass Lane, Wenatchee, $440,000, sold to Colby M. and Lana Hurd

Mary M. Dornblaser and Rita L. Wineinger, 1000 Highway 150 57, Manson, $276,000, sold to Lana Fisher

Kristofer D. Larsen and Catherine M. Straub, 1424 Skyline Drive, Wenatchee, $405,300, sold to Gonzalo Cortez Jr.

Colton W. and Francesca L. Richards, 808 Willowbrook Drive, Wenatchee, $410,000, sold to Danielle Marie Gamache Trust

Steve A. and Betty J. Walters, 244 Howling Moon Lane, Chelan, $415,000, sold to Tyler K. and Hayley C. Mooney

Adam E. Douvier, 649 Swanson Gulch Road, Chelan, $410,000, sold to Andy and Michelle Prill

Matthew and Darcy Bruggman Trust, 1118 Second St., Wenatchee, $450,000, sold to David and Danielle Andrews

Robert H. and Adrienne M. Haarhues, 258 Prospect St., Leavenworth, $550,000, sold to Stuart Beckman et al

Mike and Deborah Housley, 219 W. Highland Ave., Chelan, $240,000, sold to Patrick Hayes

Elizabeth C. Pershall, 525 4th St., Chelan Falls, $307,000, sold to Maria C. Montalvo et al

Trace G. Collier, 1032 Columbine St., Wenatchee, $347,000, sold to Cynthia Peterson

William and Catherine Koster, 4211 Jim Smith Road, Wenatchee, $250,000, sold to Jason Koster

Kenneth R. and Patricia A. Allen, 910 W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $1,850,000, sold to Vyacheslav and Svitlana Miniaylo

SSM Forty Investment Inc., Property ID 66754, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $72,950, sold to Kirt J. and Jennifer L. Norman

Sunset Marina LLC, Property ID 66773, W. Woodin Ave., Chelan, $83,950, sold to Brian and Korina Sullivan

Karen Johnson, 1535 Castlerock Ave. 13, Wenatchee, $175,000, sold to William S. Reed

Robert C. Stoffel, 319 Olive St., Cashmere, $499,000, sold to Alicia and Evan Butcher

Alex Dunlop, 141 Heather Lane, Wenatchee, $357,423, sold to Alex S. Dunlop

Claire Wentz Miller, 3745 W. Eaglerock Drive, Wenatchee, $502,500, sold to Kenneth R. and Sally A. Sanden

Judith A.H. Wood Trust, 1601 Maiden Lane C104, Wenatchee, $360,000, sold to Morgan Family Trust

Brian and Amanda Winn, 278 Jackrabbit Lane, Chelan, $800,000, sold to David Yuchasz

The Zuluaga Family LLLP, 322 W. Woodin Ave. 636, Chelan, $289,000, sold to Karen T. Wielick

Kevin and April Stover, 211 Village Drive, Manson, $420,000, sold to Paul D. and Jodi L. Guetle

Blaine A. and Lolita M. Skelton, 1208 Gossman Lane, Wenatchee, $386,700, sold to Jamie and Brandon Torson

Ricardo S. and Celia A. Sanchez, 2377 Jeffrey Court, Wenatchee, $341,000, sold to George S. and Denise M. Ferree

Chelan County land sales

Kirk Kilgore Construction LLC, 756 Castle Heights Drive, Wenatchee, $82,000, 0.36 acres, sold to Jeffrey W. and Christine Deppe

Tacor Properties LLC, Property ID 50929, Manson, $365,000, 5.28 acres, sold to Doug and Kristi-Anna Burton

Christine Clausen, Property ID 47240, Entiat, $13,000, 0.48 acres, sold to Kelly Gordon Meade and Katee Lou Meade

Dennis D. and Melton D. Utley, Property ID 65029, Malaga, $136,000, 1.01 acres, sold to Ryan E. and Abby M. Mitchell

Thomas L. Watson Jr., Property ID 40456, Chelan, $20,000, 20 acres, sold to Zendal L. and Rhonda C. Armstrong

Karen L. Zacher, 510 Bohart Road, Wenatchee, $150,000, 1.09 acres, sold to Wendy D. Cowell

Antonio Nunez and Alejandrina Cabrera De Nunez, 401 Sunny Brooke Lane, Chelan, $485,000, 0.22 acres, sold to Michael K. and Deanna L. Adams

Cygnet LLC, 1023 Crest Loop, Entiat, $70,000, 0.29 acres, sold to Gerardo and Gloria L. Gomez

Cygnet LLC, 1021 Crest Loop, Entiat, $79,000, 0.23 acres, sold to Andrea Pacheco

Sunnyslope Meadows LLC, 83 Sunny Meadows Loop, Wenatchee, $120,000, 0.43 acres, sold to Hohlenhaus LLC

Pine Sh
adow Land Company LLC, 931 Silas Lane, Wenatchee, $47,568, 0.31 acres, sold to David B. and Mary C. Brushwood

Michael A. Willet et al, 20 Willet Lane, Plain, $245,000, 3.48 acres, sold to Karen K. Koehler

Roger and B. Ellen Burnham, Property ID 57518, Wenatchee, $96,000, 0.66 acres, sold to Charlene M. Beck

Nicholson Orchards Inc., Property ID 30816, Peshastin, $336,300, 11.21 acres, sold to Kirk and Michelle Nicholson

Jorge L. and Cindy D. Aguilera, 101 Boyd Road, Chelan, $140,000, 0.14 acres, sold to Antonio Nunez Bustos and Alejandrina Cabrera De Nunez

Matthew and Mary Parrick et al, Property ID 38018, Lake Wenatchee, $165,000, 50 acres, sold to Louise Peterson and Dennis Lapchis

David L. and Marisa D. Shreiner, Property ID 39833, Entiat, $90,000, 2.88 acres, sold to Andy Beatley

Grace E. Sommers Trustee, Property ID 20601, Peshastin, $90,000, 1.13 acres, sold to Scarlett Reyna et al

Jeffrey M. and Lisa K. Thomas, 140 Monte Carlo Drive, Chelan, $130,000, 0.34 acres, sold to Tony and Vicky Frigerio

Pettit Family Trust, 54 and 58 Ward Lane (two parcels), Manson, $175,000, 0.6 acres, sold to Harvey Development LLC

Timberwood Homes LLC, 302 Burch Hollow Lane, Wenatchee, $199,990, 0.59 acres, sold to Matthew Huston and Kelsey Schrempp

Timberwood Homes LLC, 296 Burch Hollow Lane, Wenatchee, $199,990, 0.4 acres, sold to Christopher and Melissa Schrempp

Karen L. Zacher, Property ID 67033, Wenatchee, $170,000, 0.22 acres, sold to Seth L. Hanson

Prusik Investments LLC, 602 Central Ave., Leavenworth, $200,000, 0.18 acres, sold to George and Sovanny Sexton

Karen L. Zacher, Property ID 58375, Wenatchee, $170,000, 1.53 acres, sold to Seth L. Hanson

Maobin Chi, 1111 Princeton Ave., Wenatchee, $125,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Gavin Yost

Entiat Premier Properties LLC, Property ID 33523, Entiat, $245,000, 1.3 acres, sold to Slate Rock & Gravel LLC

Robert D. and Amy G. Burton, 34328 S. Nason Road, Stevens Pass, $20,670, 0.28 acres, sold to David A. and Maryse J. Sparks et al

Shirin M. Forsyth et al, Property ID 51044 and 51060 (two parcels), Chelan, $230,000, 59.38 acres, sold to Jeff and Renee Cooper

Christopher J. and Rita P. Ferraro, 217 Bandera Way, Chelan, $90,000, 0.27 acres, sold to K & L Homes LLC

Darcy L. Day, 1010 Spring Mountain Drive, Wenatchee, $105,000, 0.16 acres, sold to Francisco Cuevas-Suarez and Kim J. Cuevas

A Home Doctor Inc., 195 Margaux Loop, Malaga, $312,480, 0.29 acres, sold to Theresa L. Gooch

R & S Rentals LLC, Property ID 31821, Cashmere, $165,000, 40 acres, sold to Aaron M. and Dana L. Feaver

Charity L. Horst-Alexander, 7380 Navarre Drive, Chelan, $205,000, 1.58 acres, sold to Kimberly and Kevin A. Trautman

A Home Doctor Inc., 356 Margaux Loop, Malaga, $298,800, 0.29 acres, sold to Placida and Jaime Morales

Moonlight Land Company LLC, Property ID 46983, Chelan Falls, $125,000, 3.15 acres, sold to Wesley M. and Mary E. Sherer

Marc R. and Rosalie A. Aikin, 5097 Chelan Blvd., Manson, $345,000, 2.17 acres, sold to Justin Yancey and Linley Kirkwood

Chelan Investments Waterfront LLC, 12358 S. Lakeshore Road, Chelan, $339,995, 0.2 acres, sold to Frank Kraucunas

Riverwatch Properties LLC, 707 S. Mission St., Wenatchee, $545,000, 0.09 acres, sold to Areli Ramos and Hugo Ramos Orea

Pacific Rim Land Inc., Property ID 27143, Wenatchee, $1,600,000, 1.57 acres, sold to Blair Necessities LLC

Gregory and Deborah R. Girvin, 1057 Blazing Star Lane, Chelan, $199,000, 20.28 acres, sold to Michael S. Mitsules

Hillcreek LLC, 224 Hillcreek Lane, Wenatchee, $141,500, 1.18 acres, sold to Ally Olson et al

A Home Doctor Inc., 374 Margaux Loop, Malaga, $328,000, 0.29 acres, sold to Antonio Amezcua and Yarely Martinez Arias

D & T Campbell Investments LLC, 39 Pippin Lane, Manson, $439,000, 0.26 acres, sold to Michael and Connie Hendrickson

Douglas County commercial sales

Alice M. Ruud and Paul M. Koluda, 111 S. Chelan Ave., Waterville, $17,500, sold to David and Teresa Ruud

Dynamic Properties of Washington LLC, parcel number 22210910004, East Wenatchee, $9,600,000, sold to Microsoft Corporation

Douglas County residential sales

Nathan Edward Hart Estate, 209 Standerfer St., East Wenatchee, $130,000, sold to Ramon and Maria C. Perez

Rocio Alejandra Madrid G., 2400 Tacoma Ave. Space 12, Bridgeport, $1,000, sold to Jose Carlos Perez

Raul Zavala Castillo, 16 S. Kentucky Ave., East Wenatchee, $147,500, sold to Maria C. Boyso Maya and Eduardo Sanchez

Gail I. Trostad, 21 Elmshaven Place, East Wenatchee, $265,000, sold to Eduardo Juarez Gonzalez

Isac Sanchez Cortes and Maria D. Cortes, 1112 Cherry Circle, East Wenatchee, $140,900, sold to Alvaro Emmanuel Ortiz Lopez and Antonia Sanchez

Daniel Lopez, 411 Neptune Place, East Wenatchee, $1,000, sold to Nelson T. Hall III

Don R. and Joyce S. Gentry, 3110 2nd St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $270,000, sold to Gabriel Mark and Catherine Louise Rodriguez

DK Baker Holdings LLC, 520 11th St. N.E. #23, East Wenatchee, $318,500, sold to Kevin D. Skalisky

Makenna Patricia Renee Tipps and Caleb Ray Phillips, 2479 Plateau Drive, East Wenatchee, $365,000, sold to Kyle Johnson and Leandra Porter

Primicias Construction Inc., 12 Indiana Ave., Rock Island, $290,000, sold to Manuel Gonzalez and Arturo and Maria G. Gonzalez

Louis A. and Marlene D. Bencze, 813 Highline Drive, $687,500, sold to Dennis Herrera II

John G. and Emma G. Crawford, 575 W. Marine View Drive, Orondo, $167,500, sold to Mark H. Crawford and Debra M. Dolphin

Morie M. Hall, 1352 Eastmont Ave. #1, East Wenatchee, $275,000, sold to Victoria Zambrano

John D. and Sharon M. Gundersen, 318 N. Perry Ave., East Wenatchee, $750,000, sold to Glen D. and Lisa M. Keefe

Kim A. and Mary J. Hoffman, 141 Paso Fino Court, Coulee-Hartline, $6,100, sold to Douglas and Sandra Simmons

Erik L. and Deana L. Brown, 3324 N.W. Fir Ave., East Wenatchee, $918,500, sold to Robert F. and Regina Abbott

Donna Regan, 100 Simon St. #24, East Wenatchee, $195,000, sold to Juan Miranda

Pedro Garibay Vazquez and Ana Y. Cruz Cruz, 2353
Veedol Drive, East Wenatchee, $400,000, sold to Kristine Estey

Ines Hernandez Garcia and Cesar Garcia Sanchez, 310 Cross St., Bridgeport, $40,000, sold to Gamiel Mendez

Jacob R. Austin and Samantha Jean Marie Moser, 1301 5th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $317,500, sold to Victor M. Aguirre Gutierrez and Lauren E. Johnson

Lindsey O. and Corey W. Vickery, 608 Marcie Court, East Wenatchee, $427,000, sold to Jacob R. Austin and Samantha J. Moser

John Vandiver Estate, 1128 N. Denis Court, East Wenatchee, $360,000, sold to Nathan Z. and Christina A. Gapan

Leann L. Finley Estate, 111 N. Mary Ave., East Wenatchee, $300,000, sold to Zachery T. and Victoria R. Drake

Paula Peckham, 1809 Raymond Ave., Bridgeport, $198,500, sold to Danny and Mitzi Martinez

Cesar I. Amaro, Ricardo Amaro and Maria C. Velazquez, 140 12th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $310,000, sold to Kayla Rae Ford and Naomi Arieh Ellingson

Horencio and Rosa A. Guerra, 3420 Ashwood Drive, East Wenatchee, $589,500, sold to Christopher John and Gloria Kwon Shell

Shawn and Michelle O’Flaherty, 324 Pine View Drive, Orondo, $332,000, sold to Karen A. and Daniel C. Martinez

Duane Rana et al, 211 Pace Drive Space 15, East Wenatchee, $30,000, sold to Bertha A. and Martin Alvarez Garcia

Siara E. Macias, 321 1st St. S.W., Rock Island, $268,500, sold to Jerry Martinez

Filiberto and Maria S. Gonzalez Negrete, 565 N. Montclair Ave., East Wenatchee, $135,000, sold to Jose A. Valtierra

Jeff R. Wellborn, 775 N. Jennifer Lane, East Wenatchee, $350,000, sold to Jacob D. Sangster and Lauren M. Batman

Shawn and Brandi Cherry Siggson, 207 E. Railroad Ave., Mansfield, $75,000, sold to Ronald D. and Mary L. Molina

Elizabeth D. Frare, 306 N. Greene St., Waterville, $115,000, sold to Terry A. and Candace M. Ludeman

Richard and Kappy Olson, 1258 3rd St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $220,000, sold to Robert Lee and Deanna Onitta Acklin

David C. Stange Estate, 98 Coronado St., Bridgeport, $85,500, sold to Anna Valdovinos and Luis Rodrigo Mendoza

William S. and Meghan Rush, 2913 Fox Court, East Wenatchee, $260,000, sold to Jose L. Bernal and Rochelle A. Reyes

Abraham and Jessica F. Guzman, 2221 N. Arden Court, East Wenatchee, $318,500, sold to David Bryce and Jennifer Herdmann

Joseph Henry, 223 Willow View Drive, Orondo, $130,000, sold to Sean D. Barker

Kevin L. and Tania R. Mellinger, 370 Entiat Place, Orondo, $285,595, sold to Wayne L. Porter II and Tiffany K. Porter and Kevin L. and Tania R. Mellinger

Helidio and Lilia Farias, 776 N. Grover Place, East Wenatchee, $294,000, sold to Manuel Pina and Elizabeth Decoteau

C & C Investment Properties LLC, 211 Solomon Loop N.W., East Wenatchee, $384,900, sold to Lesley A. Allan

Austin Jeffrey and Mariah Taylor Kurpuis, 1923 8th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $472,000, sold to Landon Jensen

James M. and Tami R. Demers, 138 25th St. N.W., East Wenatchee, $505,000, sold to Barton D. and Marea E. Blankenship

Todd and Erica K. Oakes, 608 10th St. N.E., East Wenatchee, $415,000, sold to Nicole and Timothy Ryder

Marea E. Blankenship, 646 N. Colorado Ave., East Wenatchee, $291,000, sold to Yeira Martinez Bermejo

Jack C. and Laura K. Nieborsky, 717 Vista View Place, East Wenatchee, $425,000, sold to Violet Ruiz and Abraham Ruiz Robledo

Lakefront Drive LLC, 345 Lakefront Drive, Orondo, $849,000, sold to Sybil and Travis Mager

Bonnie D. Sanders Estate, 2848 Chaussee Victoria Court, East Wenatchee, $465,000, sold to Mary Ballard

Patricia Nelle Zutter Estate, 1352 Eastmont Ave. #3, East Wenatchee, $266,000, sold to Stacey Von Tour

Salvador and Narda Ponce, 2406 Anita Place, East Wenatchee, $515,000, sold to Daniel and Charlotte Watson

Paul S. and Kristina P. Nay, 2462 Plateau Drive, East Wenatchee, $461,000, sold to Selene Ramirez and Eric Chavez

Douglas County land sales

Sage Homes LLC, 2251 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $293,900, 0.17 acres, sold to Kyle A. and Chelsea L. Christie

Prime Properties LLC, 2251 S. Mystical Loop, East Wenatchee, $89,000, 0.17 acres, sold to Kyle A. and Chelsea L. Christie

J. David and Sandra Mae Stegeman, 2743 6th St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $300,000, 4.17 acres, sold to Stephen M. and Tricia K. Donaldson

Linda S. Hollier, parcel number 50000007300, Chelan, $30,000, 20.03 acres, sold to Bob Anderson and Chava Valie Reid

Laurel Evenhus, 4754 Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee, $145,000, 1.61 acres, sold to Vicente and Maria Rocha

James R. and Tracy E. Arnold, 332 Pine View Drive, Orondo, $275,000, 0.34 acres, sold to Christopher and Melanie Anderson

Peter F. and Mary Ann Ringsrud, parcel number 22211510014, East Wenatchee, $654,150, 18.69 acres, sold to Columbia Ward Street LLC

Cynthia Ann Junger, parcel number 75000006401, East Wenatchee, $464,102, 7.13 acres, sold to Jessup Home Design Inc.

Jessup Home Design Inc., 2609 Parkette St. S.E., East Wenatchee, $135,000, 0.26 acres, sold to Joan Broomell

Michael and Tiffany Frieary, 400 Hummingbird Road, Waterville, $150,000, 5.3 acres, sold to Piper Landing Living Trust

Bradley Detrick, parcel number 30243230001, Brewster, $4,000, 40 acres, sold to Jason Skinner

Steven R. and Darleen Ogden, parcel number 25221940000, Waterville, $125,000, 156 acres, sold to Stacy Marleen and David Michael Kruse

Four Star Consulting LLC, parcel number 26212820022, Orondo, $27,900, 8.63 acres, sold to Stack Properties LLC

Ronald W. and Elizabeth Bundy, 40 Bundy Place, Orondo, $400,000, 19.25 acres, sold to Daniel and Rhonda Smith

Michael and Louise Torres, parcel number 81400102500, Ephrata, $2,000, 1 acre, sold to Rimrock Meadows Association

David and Debra Moore, parcel number 82001301400, Waterville, $1,500, 1.31 acres, sold to Rimrock Meadows Association

River Vue LLC, 881 S. Lamplight Lane, East Wenatchee, $136,950, 0.37 acres, sold to Aaron Jones Construction LLC

Aaron Jones Construction LLC, 881 S. Lamplight Lane, East Wenatchee, $763,451, 0.37 acres, sold to David and Linda Owen

Randy Leyda, 7 Soapstone Drive, Chelan, $40,000, 4.18 acres, sold to Shabbir Z. Sharaf and Rashida M. Kuwawala

Karen J. Trefry, parcel numbers 30283530000 and 30283440000 (two parcels), Coulee Dam, $101,100, 316 acres, sold to Jared J. and Jessie M. Hemmer

Cassandra Padron, parcel number 27260740000, Mansfield, $25,525, 138 acres, sold to Cassidy Tupling

Hardway Holdings LLC, parcel number 22211230002, East Wenatchee, $194,900, 1.5 acres, sold to Ryan and Telenna K. Peterson

Burgess Holdings LLC, parcel number 24223410002, Waterville, $38,500, 38.15 acres, sold to Stephen Ernest and Dany Lynn Dunbar

Aaron W. Abrahamse, parcel number 12300900600, Waterville, $27,000, 0.34 acres, sold to James and Kim Long

CBH LLC, 75 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $300,000, 0.88 acres, sold to Tracy J. Smith and Jeanette L. O’Neil

Brandon D. and Alicia M. Henson, parcel number 82001301500, Waterville, $6,800, 1.8 acres, sold to Vance G. Bucklin and Michael Phelps

Amy R. Lee, 225 Ridge Road, Chelan, $105,000, 2 acres, sold to Troy and Michelle Nelson

Ruben and Melantha Salcido, 801 Road 14 N.E., Mansfield, $325,000, 34.79 acres, sold to Kathy and Stan Sadler and Krystal and Beau Sadler

Gormley Farms Inc., parcel number 26241830000, Waterville, $73,492, 152.75 acres, sold to Ryan J. Long

Daryl and Courtney Redmond, 123 N. Shore Drive, Chelan, $352,000, 0.81 acres, sold to Steven L. and Mary M. Winter

Jack A. Jackson, parcel number 41000002905, East Wenatchee, $149,000, 5.75 acres, sold to Daniel B. Gallagher

Xiao Ping He, Estate of Wang Feng Yun and Sharon Zhang, Administrator, parcel number 22210930007, Grant Road, $1,600,000, 26.23 acres, sold to Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority

Judith Flowers, parcel numbers 30281340014, 30281340013, 30281340012, 30281340000, 30291720003, 30291720004, 30291810031, 30291810032, 30291810033, 30291810034, 30291820005, 30291820006, 30291820007, 30291820008, 30291810027, 30291810028, 30291810029, 30291810030, 30291820001, 30291820002, 30291820003, 30291820004, 30291010018, 30291010017, 30291010016, 30291010015, 30291020006, 30291020005, 30291020004, 30291020003, 30290910012, 30290910013, 30290910014, 30291920013, 30291940003, 30291940002, 30291910017, 30291910016, 30291920014, 30291840007, 30291840006, 30291830006, 30291830005, 30291830002, 30291830001, 30291730003, 30291730002, 30291830001. 30291730003, 30291730002, 30291840005, 30291840004, 30291840003, 30291840002, 30291830004, 30291830003, 30291710026, 30291710027, 30291720001, 30291720002, 30290910015, 30290910016, 30290910017, 30290910018, 30290910019, 30290910020, 30290920005, 30290920004, 30290920003, 30290810026, 30290810025, 30290810024 and 30290810023 (73 parcels), Coulee Dam, $30,000, 1,451.38 acres, sold to Joseph W. and Joann I. Ehlers

Shauna Elizabeth Lozar, parcel number 82001302000, Waterville, $5,000, 1.79 acres, sold to Deborah and Stanley Marsh et al

Donovan R. and Laura L. Mounter, 2939 N. Brysen Drive, East Wenatchee, $96,500, 0.47 acres, sold to Leann E. Smith

Michael Gary and Kelsie Elizabeth Bryan, 71 Herring Lane, Mansfield, $55,000, 20 acres, sold to Marty R. Walker

Gregory P. and Jorgina L. Dollarhyde, parcel number 81501302700, Ephrata, $1,250, 1.1 acres, sold to Rimrock Meadows Association

Double D Vineyards LLC, parcel number 26220710005, Orondo, $694,500, 7.2 acres, sold to Donald D. Zender

Kevin M. and Kristin L. Flandreau, 404 Desert Canyon Blvd., Orondo, $99,500, 0.35 acres, sold to Javier Gomez and Manuela Azucena Nevarez

Sunnyday Properties LLC, parcel number 67501500000, Orondo, $189,500, 1.82 acres, sold to Kyler and Rebecca Kling

Pysa and Sounanh Noinala, parcel number 28243020005, Mansfield, $68,000, 20 acres, sold to Kyle Robert and Thaela Laura Brunswick

Masako Castillo, parcel number 53500007300, Waterville, $6,071, 5.02 acres, sold to LNCE Solutions LLC