Global Signals Intelligence Market and Technology Forecast to 2029 –

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Most nations are yet to develop entire SIGINT systems and are investing inorganically. An integration of COMINT and ELINT using all sorts of platforms will be the key development in coming years and emphasis will be to develop policy and procedures to bring the entire SIGINT system under one roof.

In the US and European nations, emphasis is put more on ELINT and combining COMINT with ELINT is a growing field of technical and operation strategy. The US is stronger in developing maritime SIGINT looking forward to growing tensions in the South China Sea. After coming back from wars in Afghanistan the US and NATO countries will show a reduction in ground-based tactical SIGINT needs. The future will be to fight wars with electronic countermeasures using space warcraft and UAVs.

China is investing heavily in spacecraft and UUVs for SIGINT and electronic warfare. Movements by China in the South China Sea region have been disruptive enough for other nations. To counter China’s ambitious policies Japan and India are working on respective SIGINT policies to include more space programs, SIGINT aircraft, and maritime SIGINT. This will increase the demand for SIGINT in Asian markets.

Global SIGINT markets will reach US $23.42 bn through 2029 from US$15.75 bn in 2021. The major growth of the market is anticipated from 2023 to 2027 when the majority of deployments of SIGINT will take place in, ground-based SIGINT, space and unmanned aerial systems, and maritime SIGINT.

This report offers a detailed analysis of the global SIGINT market over the next eight years, and provides market size forecasts. Furthermore, it covers key technological and market trends in the industry and analyzes factors influencing demand for SIGINT systems.

Companies Mentioned

  • Aurora Insight
  • Avantix SAS
  • BAE Systems
  • Black River Systems Co. Inc.
  • Boeing
  • General Dynamics
  • HawkEye 360
  • Horizon Technologies
  • IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries)
  • Inmarsat
  • Kleos Space
  • L3 Harris
  • Leonardo SPA
  • Northrop Grumman Corp.
  • PAL Aerospace
  • Raytheon
  • Rockwell Collins
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • SAAB
  • SRC Inc.
  • TCI Technology
  • Thales
  • Unseenlabs

Reasons to buy

  • Determine prospective investment areas based on a detailed trend analysis of the SIGINT market over the next eight years.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying factors driving demand for different SIGINT platforms in the top spending countries and other potential non-US markets across the world and identify the opportunities offered by each of them.
  • Strengthen your understanding of the market in terms of demand drivers, industry trends, and the latest technological developments, among others.
  • Identify the major channels that are driving the global SIGINT market, providing a clear picture of future opportunities that can be tapped, resulting in revenue expansion.
  • Direct resources by focusing on the ongoing programs that are being undertaken by the defense ministries of different countries within the global SIGINT markets.
  • Make correct business decisions based on thorough analysis of the total competitive landscape of the sector with detailed profiles of the SIGINT systems providers around the world which include information about their products, alliances, recent contract wins and financial analysis wherever available.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Introduction

2 Executive Summary

3 Current Technologies SIGINT

3.1 Communication intelligence (COMINT)

3.2 Electronic intelligence (ELINT)

3.3 Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT)

3.4 Technologies used for Signal Interception and Analysis

3.4.1 COMINT Systems

3.4.2 ELINT Systems

3.5 Signals intelligence operational platforms

3.5.1 SIGINT or Intelligent Satellites

3.5.2 Airborne Platforms

3.5.3 Maritime Platforms

3.5.4 Ground Platforms

3.6 Technologies used in SIGINT

3.6.1 Radio Signal Receivers and Networking Systems

3.6.2 Software Defined Radio (SDR)

3.6.3 Sensors and Sensor Systems

3.6.4 Software, Applications, and Interface

3.6.5 Data Integration and Processing Platforms

3.7 Need for Cybersecurity

3.8 Implementation of AI in SIGINT

3.9 CubeSats

3.10 Radio Frequency Mapping (RFM)

4 Current Market Overview SIGINT

4.1 Overview

4.2 Key SIGINT Programs

4.3 SIGINT Alliances

4.3.1 UKUSA Agreement

4.3.2 SSEUR

4.3.3 Afghanistan SIGINT Coalition (AFSC)

4.3.4 Maximator

4.3.5 Our Eyes

4.3.6 Pacific Alliances

4.4 Strategic Interpretation of World SIGINT Markets

5 Market Analysis and Forecast Factors

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Market Segmentation

5.3 Forecast factors

5.3.1 Drivers

5.3.2 Inhibitors

5.3.3 Opportunities

5.3.4 Challenges

6 Country Analysis

6.1 SIGINT Developments in the US

6.2 SIGINT Developments in Russia

6.3 SIGINT developments in the UK

6.4 SIGINT developments in France

6.5 SIGINT developments in China

6.6 SIGINT developments in India

7 SIGINT Market to 2029 by Region

8 SIGINT Market to 2029 by Type

9 SIGINT Market to 2029 by System Element

10 SIGINT Market to 2029 by Platform

11 Opportunity Analysis

12 Events based forecast to 2029 for the SIGINT

12.1 Introduction

12.2 Events forecast factors

12.3 Global Market

12.4 Forecast by SIGINT Type

12.5 Forecast by Systems Element

12.6 Forecast by Platform

13 Leading Companies in the SIGINT Market

14 Conclusions and recommendations

15 About the Publisher

16 Appendices

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