How Does A Car Thermostat Work in New Orleans?

How Does A Car Thermostat Work? [Easy Guide] - Auto Chimps

Maintaining the temperature in the engine is important since this can prevent a car from overheating and getting further damage. A car thermostat is one of the components of the car that helps regulate the temperature in the engine. Car thermostat replacement is recommended once the thermostat is damaged. Auto shops sell car thermostats in New Orleans, you can check them if you need one.

What is Car Thermostat?

The car thermostat is a small component that can be found between the engine and the radiator. It may be small but it has an important part in your vehicle. Car thermostats are often 2 inches in diameter. 

What Does a Thermostat Do?

The main function of a car thermostat is to regulate the hot and cold flow of the coolant in the car engine. This makes the car run smoothly and prevents it from overheating. 

How Does A Car Thermostat Work in New Orleans?

The coolant flows to the engine to pick up excess heat coming from the engine, it then leaves the engine and proceeds to the radiator where excess heat is removed. The coolant makes a few more stops along the cooling system then back on the engine. 

The thermostat is then responsible for opening or closing the valve between the engine and radiator. When the temperature in the engine rises the thermostat valves open to let the coolant pass to the radiator where it cools down then back to the engine to regulate the heat. If the temperature is right the thermostat valve stays closed to allow the coolant to circulate in the block continuously. 

The Thermostat is surrounded by a special type of wax that expands when it needs to open and shrinks when it needs to close. 

What are the Signs of a Faulty Car Thermostat in New Orleans?

The car thermostat may be faulty and you have to be able to know when this happens. Here are some indications that your car  thermostat is not functioning well:

Engine Performance is Poor

If you are on the road and your car seems not to be in good condition and showing low performance then better check your car thermostat. This might indicate an issue with it. 


This is the most common indication that there is an issue in your car cooling system and it might be specifically the thermostat. The thermostat might be stuck close therefore coolant can not flow to the radiator. 

Engine Temperature is Fluctuating

If the temperature gauge is fluctuating then the thermostat might not be working well. Since it can not detect the proper temperature in the engine. It means the opening and closing of the thermostat are not regular anymore.  

Coolant Leaks 

If your coolant leaks then your car thermostat will not be functioning well. You can check this issue by checking if you see any orange or green liquid coming out from your engine. This is a clear indication that the coolants are leaking.

When to Replace Thermostat in New Orleans

There are several reasons for you to change your thermostat:

  • Once your engine overheats and it’s the thermostat’s fault you need to replace your thermostat with a new one. 
  • The thermostat should be replaced when they are not opening and closing when they are supposed to do so. This means they are malfunctioning already. 
  • If your thermostat has already existed for ten years then it’s time to replace it. Ten years is the maximum lifespan for a thermostat though most of the time they get replaced before this time comes.

Now the question on: How does a car thermostat work in New Orleans? Then you now have an idea on how to determine if your thermostat is not working anymore. Putting all parts of your car in good condition can give you a safe ride as well as save you money from having frequent repairs. The thermostat may just be a small part but it plays an important role in making your car run smooth and avoid you from danger. So be an observant car owner and check on your car parts regularly to see any unusual activity, in this way you can have it fixed immediately.