How to Stay Productive in a Fast-Changing Business World

Flexibility is crucial to future-proofing businesses seeking to adapt to a world of rising uncertainty and growing virtualization, just as staying productive in the face of ongoing disruption requires leveraging more resilient business strategies and solutions. Even more so as nearly half of company leaders expect employees to work remotely full-time going forward and 82% anticipate that they’ll do so at least part-time, according to researchers at Gartner. But with nearly a third of remote workers lacking the technology needed to work productively, don’t forget: It’s equally critical to equip your workforce with cutting-edge hardware technologies and software tools suitable for use in any operating situation.

In effect, digital transformation is about more than just technology – it’s also about how that technology is harnessed to improve business models, enhance operational efficiency, and revolutionize customer experience. COVID-19’s impact on the workforce has stretched into almost every aspect of business from cost containment to business stabilization, workforce enablement, and managing new work dynamics. Noting this, whether you’re reopening your office, continuing to support your workforce remotely, or balancing a hybrid work environment, you want to ensure that your organization is being proactive in planning and adapting to changes.