Interactive Brokers: Things you need to know

Professional investors, day traders, and anyone who is sincere about trading should use Interactive Brokers. One of its most formal accountability for researching, monitoring, and investing money is its famous IB Trader workstation.


Interactive Brokers offers very reasonable commissions and costs, such as the cheapest margin trading costs in our review of online brokers. They provide various investment options, such as practically every big asset category and access to global markets in 33 countries. Serious investors will discover practically everything they require and should be satisfied with their results.


IBKR Lite is intended to become a more friendly platform for people who are just getting started. It allows commission-free trading on commodities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and mutual funds based in the United States.


Interactive Brokers also has significant features for new and infrequent traders. Although they have fewer capabilities, the Interactive Brokers mobile and online interfaces are easier to use with the traditional IB Trader Workstation. The AI technology from Interactive Brokers may also assist with answering queries and making trades.

We found that Interactive Brokers has a name for low commissions and costs, which we verified in our research. IBKR Pro and IBKR Lite are their two major programs. Because IBKR Lite caters to more personal, recreational investors, it provides free commission-free trade for U.S. equities, ETFs, including mutual funds.


Interactive Brokers seemed to have the lowest margin rates of the online brokers we looked at. IBKR Lite charges a flat 2.6 percent fee to finance margin trades of any size. It’s even stronger for IBKR Pro users, who can take full advantage of margin rates ranging from 0.75 percent to 1.6 percent, based on the quantity borrowed, with smaller transactions receiving a lower rate.


Likewise, the other account costs are inexpensive, with an outward wiring fee of only $10. Inactivity costs may apply to reduced accounts that have been idle for an extended period. They don’t really charge many of the usual fees that you might find at other brokers, such as security rearrangement or mutual fund withdrawal.

  • Customer Service and Security

Interactive Brokers provides phone, email, and live chat support. On workdays, their phone and chat customer support is open all day and night; on Sundays, chat is available from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET. During office hours, they claim to respond to emails within 24 hours.


Interactive Brokers’ account security is strong, and it includes firewalls, 128-bit protection, two-factor verification, and high mobile security. They don’t have voice recognition technology for customer support, which is becoming more common among other brokers.


Interactive Brokers offers regular SIPC insurance of $500,000 for the current account, as well as supplementary protection of $30 million for all financial assets and $900,000 for cash from Lloyd’s of London.


In this article, we have shared the most important things you need to know before investing with any broker. But we suggest you before choosing any broker; you should learn forex trading firstly.