Is Network Marketing a Better Option Than Other Home-Based Business Opportunities?

Now more than ever, people are looking for home-based business opportunities. Prior to joining a Network Marketing company, I looked at many different home-based business options. For me, the advantages of Network Marketing over other home-based businesses was clear. Here are some things that really made Network Marketing stand out as the best option.

Start-Up Costs: In a Network Marketing business, start-up costs are generally quite low. If you start a franchise with a well-known company, you are looking at spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, if you join a reputable Network Marketing company, you are looking at start-up costs measured in just hundreds of dollars.

While other home-based business options may have low start-up costs, you generally have to keep pouring money into supplies and overhead. Things you don’t have to worry about with a Network Marketing business.

Sales: When you join a Network Marketing company, you’re set up to start making sales from day one. With most companies, you don’t have to worry about taking payments; you enter your customer’s credit card information in the computer (or better yet, they enter it themselves), and you’re done. Not only that, with most Network Marketing companies, the packaging and delivery of the product is done for you! That way you can spend your time making sales and signing up new distributors.

If you’re in business completely on your own, you have the hassle of getting the mechanisms set up to be able to take credit cards, package products, ship or deliver products, and in many cases, even make the products themselves! That leaves less time for you to be making sales, which means less money in your pocket.

Time: With a Network Marketing business, as your organization and your business grows, your time freedom increases as well. Because you are able to leverage your own efforts with those on your team, you are able to move more product through your organization as your business expands. That means that even though you are putting in the same amount of time (or possibly even less time) as you did when you started, you actually earn more money.

On the other hand, if you are involved in a traditional home-based business, your time freedom shrinks as your business grows. As you build a bigger customer base and increase your sales, you also have to increase the amount of time you put into your business. If you have a cake decorating business, for instance, you may be excited to have a new customer, but each new customer means that you will have to bake and decorate more cakes. Which means you have less time for the things you really want to do in life.

Legal. There are laws that govern businesses, and it’s important to make sure your home-based business follows those laws. In Network Marketing, as long as you choose a reputable company and follow the policies and procedures of your company, you generally don’t need to worry much about the law.

Other home-based business opportunities don’t usually offer the same benefit. You have to do the research, file the paperwork, and do all the other things necessary to make sure you’re complying with the law.