Job apps helping both Las Vegas workers and businesses | COVID-19

Job apps helping both Las Vegas workers and businesses | COVID-19

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Job apps have become more popular among people looking for work and businesses trying to find workers.

The Instawork app is connecting both groups in Southern Nevada. Mary Salvano said she starting using the app in 2019 when she was about to get kicked out of her apartment for not paying rent. She said she signed up on the app, got jobs immediately, paid her rent and wasn’t kicked out.

“I like it because I have kids. I’m a single mom,” said Salvano. “I have to be able to work when I can around their schedule. When they don’t have doctors, when they don’t have school, when I have someone to watch them.”

The app displays many available temporary jobs that fit Salvano’s work experience. She showed FOX5 some jobs that pay nearly $170 per day.

Chris Smothers said the jobs he finds on the app are his main source of income. “There’s a shortage on workers. So, if you need me, I’m going to be there,” he said.

The app has also helped business owners like Gary Bordman. He owns event entertainment company Amusement, Exhibit & Event Services. He said he had to reduce staff during the pandemic and is now dealing with a shortage.

“Has helped us to be able to do large-scale jobs again and just multiple jobs on the same day,” said Bordman.

He also said the Instawork app has become part of his labor force, and that many of the workers he finds through the app are reliable. The app allows him to request them for future work.

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One complaint FOX5 heard from people using job apps is the jobs are taken quickly after they pop up on phone.

Instawork officials said they are seeing a large growth of Las Vegas hourly workers using the app in 2021 and they are working with hundreds of Las Vegas businesses to connect businesses and workers. They also say hourly workers can make, on average, more than $12 an hour.