Making businesses relevant is what we do then now and next But what makes us a great place to work is much more than just that

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Sanjay Menon, Managing Director, Publicis Sapient India, talks about GPTW listing, digital business and more

How does it feel to be ranked in the GPTW listing?
Being among India’s 75 best workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2020 is a great feeling. For us, it’s not just a certification, but a recognition of the trust we’ve built amongst our people. Of the pride we associate with our company. And our collective belief in helping people thrive in the brave pursuit of Next. 

Publicis Sapient calls itself a digital business transformation partner. What does that really mean? 
The world’s changing at an unprecedented pace. Which means staying anchored to the familiar is a risk companies can ill afford. As a digital business transformation partner, our goal is to enable clients to stay relevant through helping them reimagine their business. Transformation isn’t an end-stage; it’s a continuous loop and orientation to continually change to provide extraordinary value to consumers. As DBT partners, we help established businesses close the gap between what consumers expect and what their traditional business models can deliver. Our practical, holistic and multi-disciplinary approach allows businesses to continuously adapt to and influence change through a combination of five digital-to-the-core capabilities at speed and at scale. 

How do you deliver to this promise?
Every business faces four connected forces of change: evolution of customer behavior, technological advancement, new business models and societal shifts. All four are moving at the same time. The movement of one affects the others and combined, they are fundamentally changing the business landscape at an exponential pace. In this context, Publicis Sapient helps clients develop the muscle of continuous change that’s required to remain relevant. Our HOW lies in helping clients identify and realize value continuously to help them remain relevant to their customers, maintain competitive advantage and protect their businesses from competitive risk. Transformation isn’t just about technology; it’s about putting digital at the core, evolving business models and customer experience by bringing capabilities such as strategy, product, experience, engineering and data to work seamlessly together and discover value. With our 30 years of experience in digital, delivering value to our clients, we are best placed to deliver to this promise.

What do you think makes Publicis Sapient a great place to work?
I think what differentiates us from other companies is our focus on relevance and creating an environment that nurtures the ability to practise it. Not only is our business purpose-built for enabling digital transformation for clients, our workplace focusses on enabling our people to stay relevant in their careers as well. We work across industries with the top Fortune 500 and solve for diverse problems across retail, financial services, energy, travel and many others. Our purpose of helping people thrive is evident not just in our policies and developmental programs, but also in our values of inclusive collaboration, embracing the future and developing a learning mindset. When you’re in the business of transformation, you cannot do it without continuously transforming yourself to stay ever-relevant.

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