My Experience as A Marketing Intern

My Experience as A Marketing Intern

While I was motivating myself, I was also quite nervous. But I knew there was no way I would let the nerves take over. Everyone in the office here was very welcoming and friendly, which got rid of all my nerves immediately. 

Alice was so helpful on my first day; I was very thankful that I decided to sit next to her; I swear that became my seat every time I came in.

After lunch, she asked me if I could help her understand a software called “Seamless,” and I made sure to make her proud.

It’s crazy that on my first day, I felt that I had learned something no one else knew yet and was able to show her how to use it.

I felt very proud, which led to me teaching other interns how to use it.

If you’re ever in the office, check out the “how to use” on the wall; not going to brag, but I wrote that.

What I love about Marketing Eye’s employees are their acceptance and understanding. 

They always treat us, interns, with kindness and respect; they listen to our inputs and allow us to implement these suggestions into their work. This built a sense of connection with them as I felt that I wasn’t just an intern; I was also an employee with just as much right to come up with alternatives and bring my creative side to the table without being shut down.

Although Marketing Eye is quite a busy marketing agency, it felt really organised during my time here. With daily briefs and feedback given throughout my tasks, Alice, Andrea, and sometimes other supervisors ensured that I learned how to make the best quality of work each time efficiently.

Learning the importance of time management and speed in a professional environment, I gained vast knowledge and understanding of myself and what I could bring to the table.

I figured that using thesaurus was a great friend of mine when writing blogs; it made me sound more intelligent.

From tasks as simple as daily SEO to creating an EDM script for an international client to creating a media kit, and so on, these 4 months at Marketing Eye have been challenging and fresh.

I am pretty ambitious and hardworking; I can adapt to change quite well and working here with different tasks each time has given me that extra push in confidence and discipline.

My learning curve throughout the internship has been moving upward. I got to try my hands at content creation, creative writing, data analysis, research, new software, and more.

I was assigned tasks that I enjoyed doing but also challenged me to work harder and study more about marketing. 

My time as a Marketing intern was filled with new and exciting experiences that I’ll always be grateful for. Although it can be intimidating to develop content for industries I had no idea about, it helped me improve quite a lot in terms of writing, communication, and knowledge.

Besides working with Alice, Andrea, and sometimes other supervisors, I was very fortunate to work multiple times with the boss herself, Mellissah Smith. And let me tell you, that was an incredible experience.

I loved working with Mellissah; she gave me work that was even more challenging, and that was so exciting for me. 

She’s the type of boss that would always have her doors open for all of us interns and share her knowledge from such vast experiences. 

Not going to lie; when I worked with her, and she complimented my work, it built up my confidence even more. But hey, a boss that’s been working in this field for many years telling an intern that you killed it, music to my ears.

She was honestly a joy to work with; no complaints here!

In these 4 months and a bit that I’ve worked here, I can honestly say that I’ve learned so many skills and understood how I am as an individual pursuing my career. 

I can’t thank Marketing Eye enough for the opportunity to have taken my first step into the digital marketing industry. 

Working here and acquiring a wide range of skills and discipline has opened many doors for me. I will forever be grateful to Melissah and the team for their encouragement, patience, and inspiration.

I strongly encourage aspiring marketers to do such internships because it enhances prospects and helps network with people in the industry. 

Furthermore, we must collect as much knowledge and experience as possible, especially in an ever-changing industry that’ll always keep you on your toes.

From the best dressed intern,
Thank you Marketing Eye

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