Need To Create Right Ecosystem And Mentorship For Women To Excel Says Samina Hamied

It is undeniable that many women despite being talented and ambitious don’t get the right opportunities to outshine in their careers. The question begs what can be done to provide them with better opportunities to showcase their talents. Samina Hamied, Executive Vice Chairperson, Cipla says, “It is about the ecosystem – it is about right mentoring and having a right cultural ecosystem.”

Hamied further stated, “I think the schooling, higher education system have to over-index in making women feel they are equal and have equal opportunity and they can choose any profession.” Hamied also stressed that women need to believe that to be able to do so.

Hamied was speaking in conversation with Dr. Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, BW Businessworld at the Women Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards (WESA). The two-day virtual event recognises and celebrates exceptional women entrepreneurs whose innovative approach have created positive changes in the business and social ecosystem in India.

Cipla’s contribution as a leading pharmaceutical company in India towards countering the impact of coronavirus pandemic is commendable, be it in the supply of Remdesivir drugs or keeping a constant connect with hospitals to make sure of the availability of medicines.

Hamied stated, “The teams at Cipla has been exceptional. They have gone over and beyond the call of duty. It is also about partnering with the medical fraternity – the doctors and the hospitals. Making sure we get the right information and education available to them.” Also, she said, “It is not just serving the external world and it is also about serving your team. We set up our covid task force to make sure there was a 24/7 helpline (for our employees). So, any employee or even in their relative felt sick, we provided help.”

Irrevocably, many shifts have happened during the pandemic that have made a major impact on the lives of everyone. “There has been a tectonic shift in everything – operating models, in building resilience to unprecedented challenges,” says Hamied. She believes in the need to ring-fence your key talent and make sure they remain motivated. Her advice to the entrepreneurs is: “Keep the culture and connect in the organisation going. Just constantly multi-play out scenarios and keep building insulations against each of them as they play out.”  

Hamied also believes on the ability to reach out and asking for help has been one of her biggest learnings. “Go out and seek help even if you don’t know the person,” Hamied said.