Nintendo forecasts 25.5 million units in Switch sales for this business year

Nintendo Switch sales are on pace to reach 100 million units, and it will likely happen sometime this business year with a forecast of 25.5 million units by March 2022. Additionally, Nintendo expects to sell 190 million copies in software sales during the same period.

Nintendo revealed in an earnings release for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021 that the Switch console had sold 28.83 million units during the previous business year. The forecast of 25.5 million is an 11.5% decline from the previous year, but it’s also worth noting that the initial forecast was 19 million units at the start of the year. It wasn’t until November of last year that Nintendo increased the projection to 24 million.

The Switch console currently sits at 84.59 million units early in its fifth year on the market. If the forecast ends up being accurate, it will put the Nintendo Switch console sales at 110.09 million units by March 2022. As previously reported, the Switch is currently on pace to hit 100 million units, and so far, it looks like it will reach the milestone faster than any home console in history. That includes the Wii and PlayStation 4.

As far as software sales go, the total is now at 587.12 million units. Nintendo sold 230.88 million units of Switch software in the past fiscal year.