Nokia E90 Smart Phone In Nokia E Series

Nokia E90 Smart Phone In Nokia E Series

The Nokia E Series are smart phones that support corporate email and considered a business oriented mobile phones that offer extended mobility. Nokia Enterprise Solutions offers end to end solutions that range from business optimized mobile devices through the front end and a strong portfolio of mobile business optimized gateways on the back end. The E series mobile phones can help businesses in mobilizing the workforce and in optimizing productivity.

New Releases of E Series

Nokia announced the launch of three mobile phones Nokia E60, Nokia E61and Nokia E70 on October 12 2005. The E Series targets both businesses and professionals to help Nokia achieve extended brand equity. The phones of these series fulfill the need of business users to stay connected all the time and from anywhere, with superior voice quality and designs that are easy to use.

Communicator Phones

Nokia Communicator phones are popular among the corporate customers. A vast improvement over these fat mobile phones, Nokia E90 a Quad-band beast boasts of HSDPA, WI-FI and Bluetooth plus dual cameras, sync and mapping applications. It has an internal screen and a fat keyboard with mini USB.

Nokia E65 is a slim slider phone with the basic S60 features without the touch screen and keyboard. It is a tiny smart phone that comes with a 2 mega pixel camera. Nokia E60 operates on GSM and WCDMA 2100 (3G). Nokia E61 is slim and slick and is an upgrade to E60 phone with a QWERTY keyboard and a 2 mega pixel camera with a complete email connectivity package. These smart phones support many corporate email solutions such as GoodLink, Connect, Blackberry and Nokia Business Center. This candy bar style phone is optimized voice services like VOIP, and the push to talk facility.

Nokia E61 is a lean and mean email device with most email clients like Seven Mobile Mail, Seven Always-On Mail and Visto Mobile etc., with support for editing and attachments.

The Nokia E70 is an all-in-one messaging device that incorporates 3G and WLAN and operates on Symbian OS 9.1. This is a candy bar style looking like a Nokia 6820 opens and reveals a full keyboard for long messaging. The next of the series E50 is a business device rather than a smart phone. New additions to the Nokia E Series E61i, E65 and E90 were introduced on February 12, 2007.