Oakland University Launches New MS Degree in Business Analytics

Oakland University Launches New MS Degree in Business Analytics

As businesses increasingly adopt and invest in big data technology, tools and solutions, the demand for data-savvy professionals continues to outpace the supply.

With the introduction of its new STEM-designated Master of Science in Business Analytics, the Oakland University School of Business Administration offers a full complement of business analytics programs to meet a variety of education needs and career aspirations.
Oakland University’s suite of business analytics programs includes:

  • Master of Science in Business Analytics – new program now enrolling for Fall 2021
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics – available now
  • Specialization in Business Analytics within the Management Information Systems (MIS) major – available now for OU undergraduate students
  • Minor in Business Analytics – available now for OU undergraduate students

The need for analytics talent is expanding beyond IT. Organizations are seeking professionals who are equipped with the requisite blend of analytics, quantitative computing and business acumen for positions across disciplines. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the number of professionals employed as marketing research analysts and operations research analysts is projected to grow between 18% and 25% by 2029.

“There is considerable demand across industries – in Michigan, North America and globally – for business professionals to have skills and knowledge in the business analytics area,” said Vijayan Sugumaran, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor and Chair, OU’s Decision and Information Sciences department. “Because analytics can be applied to any industry, it opens the field to many professionals – healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, education, insurance, financial services, hospitality and sports, to name but a few.”

Through Oakland’s comprehensive selection of programs, students learn how to expertly wield analytical tools such as statistical analysis, data visualization, modeling, data mining, predictive analytics, business intelligence, and data preparation, cleaning and warehousing to solve business challenges, identify opportunities and deliver results. As part of the program, students put their skills to work in real-world, corporate-sponsored projects while also making connections that build their professional network in the field.

“While Amazon, Netflix and Target are prime examples of companies that transform data into action, organizations large and small are discovering the value of leveraging data to drive decisions,” Sugumaran said.

After earning a graduate certificate in Business Analytics from OU, Michelle Rhen is now applying those credits toward an OU master’s degree.

“Employers are looking for analysis, presentation, power Excel skills, VBA, R, Python and more,” said Rhen, who uses her new data analytics skills in her role as an electronic filing manager at a law firm. “Oakland’s (business analytics) graduate programs deliver on the promise to expose you to what is hot in the market right now.”

The 2020 Big Data Analytics Industry Report indicates the global big data analytics market is expected to reach more than $105 billion by 2027. In a Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services survey, nearly 97% of respondents reported their companies have adopted analytics. Top goals cited by these organizations included the ability to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve risk management.

To learn more about Oakland University’s advanced degrees in business analytics, or to apply, visit oakland.edu/business/grad.