Bitcoin Is Likely to Survive (as a Speculative Asset)

One underappreciated feature of crypto markets is the lack of centralization. I mean, people know crypto assets are decentralized and trade on exchanges all over the world. But what’s often overlooked is the relative ease with which people can change the venues they buy and sell their holdings on. 

If, for instance, Jeff Sprecher (chairman of the New York Stock Exchange) says something that upsets you, you couldn’t exactly stop trading on the NYSE without liquidating a good percentage of your portfolio, because, for many stocks, it is the only trading venue. 

However, if a crypto exchange does something you fundamentally disagree with, you can trade your crypto assets elsewhere. There is no shortage of options.

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Custody Provider Copper Joins Think Tank to Bridge Gap Between Traditional Finance and Crypto

Crypto custodians are in a race to build the next State Street or BNY Mellon. 

There are only a handful of these types of large custody banks and most of them have been around for hundreds of years. But crypto is such a striking example of old world meeting new that it offers firms a rare opportunity to break into a market that would simply be impossible under normal circumstances.

“In the traditional world you can’t really build a custodian, it’s not something you can just break into,” said Diogo Monica, co-founder of Anchorage, a Silicon Valley-based custody platform specializing in crypto. “BNY Mellon has been around for 300 years and now, in crypto, we have a chance to actually build a foundational company that is potentially going to last for that long,” added Monica.

It’s an inspirational long view for sure, but how will things evolve over the short

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CEOs see some good news and bad for the rest of 2020

CEOs were asked: In just a few sentences, what is your business outlook for the rest of 2020, assuming there is not another COVID-19 shutdown in the fall?


I think it’s in the fabric of who we are as Americans, and Miamians, to rise to the occasion. Despite the fact that 2020 has presented us with unprecedented challenges, we are stepping up to address them with new solutions. I believe there is a lot of opportunity for creativity and growth in business overall; as we move toward a new post-COVID-19 normal, particular verticals — namely travel and tourism — that are vital to Miami will rely on innovations to products and experiences. The talent landscape is poised to see a boost as well. With companies like Twitter allowing teams to work remotely indefinitely, and other companies needing to find more cost-efficient work locations than, say, San Francisco, we become

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I visited the newly opened LaGuardia terminal and saw how it has turned the infamous airport into one of the best in the US

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The new Arrivals and Departures Hall at LaGuardia Airport.
The new Arrivals and Departures Hall at LaGuardia Airport.

Thomas Pallini/Business Insider

  • LaGuardia Airport’s Arrivals and Departures Hall is opening to the public on Saturday after four years of construction.

  • The 850,000-square-foot facility is nothing like its predecessor with improvements in every aspect including additional retail, dining, and relaxation opportunities for passengers. 

  • Terminal B at LaGuardia now resembles a modern international airport and is on its way to shedding its former reputation among New Yorkers. 

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The new LaGuardia Airport is (almost) here.

New York’s smallest area airport behind JFK and Newark has long been the thorn in the side of frequent area travelers having fallen into disrepair over the years but the days of avoiding LaGuardia will soon be over. Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday marked the opening of a new Arrivals and Departures Hall for Terminal B,

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