Vanguard App’s Sudden Change Outrages Investors

Vanguard’s recent update to its Android app stripped the ability to trade plus other features, outraging investors who use it to buy and sell stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.


Angry Vanguard customers are taking to Alphabet‘s (GOOGL) Google Play app store to complain. They’re also downrating the app and offering tips to roll back to the previous version. The Vanguard app is now rated 1.9 out of 5 stars on Google Play.

The app, updated this week, adds the ability to log in with your fingerprint. But it takes away trading and other account management features for certain account types. Attempts to trade refer users to Vanguard’s website. The app says: “Account type is currently unavailable on this app.”

“The recent update removed 95% of the previous application functionality. Why even have an app if you need to go to the web to do anything?” wrote

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GOP Senator Pat Toomey’s Last-Minute Add to Stimulus Bill Helps His Wall Street Donors

Stimulus check
U.S. President Donald Trump’s name appears on the coronavirus economic assistance checks that were sent to citizens across the country April 29, 2020 in Washington, DC.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey’s effort to wind down emergency low-interest lending programs for small businesses and state and local governments removes a major long-term business threat to his largest campaign contributors as he looks ahead to a career outside the U.S. Senate, according to campaign finance data reviewed by The Daily Poster.

On Thursday, Toomey threatened to blow up coronavirus stimulus legislation by demanding that the bill remove authorization for the Federal Reserve programs designed to provide low interest loans to small businesses and governments. Toomey criticized the programs for moving the central bank from a lender of “last resort” to a lender of “first resort”—and he is pushing for proposed language in the final bill that would compel the

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What Kind of Taxation Details You Need Presently for Smart Submission

In the following we give you instructions for a tax return. We recommend completing your tax return with tax platform so that you can get your tax assessment in your hands much faster.

Step 1: Collect receipts throughout the year. This applies above all to bills for work materials, training and travel expenses. But also craftsmen’s bills and expenses for gardeners, cleaning help and child care should be collected. Also keep the receipts for glasses etc.

Step 2: Fill out the correct cover sheet and enclose the necessary documents. As a rule, the Est. 1 a form is to be used for this, if you can submit a simplified income tax return, and then use the Est. 1 V form.

Step 3: An employee must fill out at least Appendix N. As a rule, however, the AV and pension expenses are also added. If you have children, annex K must … Read More

Prosingh, Young Indian Entrepreneur Soars High In Business World

A tech-savvy individual, Parwinder Singh, also known as “Prosingh” is an Indian teenage entrepreneur, writer, and social media influencer at just the age of 18 years. While people of his age were busy running behind school projects, he was determined to track the technological advances in the field of programming. ProSingh started programming at the age of 13 and launched his first app at the age of 15, “MoneyRewards” aimed to generate employment for people of his age and help them earn money. He went on to build other apps, alongside he also participated in various Hackathons like Rajasthan Hackathon 4.0 when he was in high school.

ProSingh launched his first startup at the age of 16 when he had studied the skill of programming and learned about the profession in-depth. As an aspirational individual who always wanted to join the workforce as soon as possible, he understood

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