Pamplin Media Group – ‘Thank you’ goes a long way in the business world

It’s important to show your gratitude to your co-workers, customers and clients

Pamplin Media Group – ‘Thank you’ goes a long way in the business worldThank you. One of the first phrases we learn, and probably something we say or hear multiple times a day. Some days the use of the common words go unrecognized, and often we say it without really thinking much of it, as the term tends to be an automatic response in many situations.

Saying thank you is polite and at the top of the list for traditional manners. But it isn’t just saying those two words that is important. Receiving those words has a very positive effect on those who hear them. Gratitude is good for the brain, important for relationships and very crucial for those in the business world. Saying thank you can be powerful.

Being thankful is one way to affect your mood in a beneficial way. Gratitude has been shown to have a positive association with one’s well-being. And go ahead and Google it, multiple studies show the benefits of gratitude. People are happier, have better relationships, and are less depressed. When gratitude is practiced in the workplace, it tends to result in greater achievements, less sick days and a higher job satisfaction.

There is the notion in some businesses that saying thank you for what someone is paid to do is unnecessary. Yet, in the current climate, with a struggle to hire and keep employees, this practice is crucial. Create a better culture, make a positive work experience, and show your employees or colleagues how much you appreciate them. It can be as simple as saying “Thank you for showing up today.”

There are many ways to show gratitude. It can be in the form of an email thanking an employee for a job well done, but my personal favorite (thanks to the lessons taught by my mother and grandmother) is the handwritten thank-you note. While most of us probably tend to just send our thanks digitally, there are many reasons to put the effort into a handwritten note over, say, a quick text, email, or Facebook message. Handwritten notes stand out, and with as many emails as we tend to get in the workplace, a handwritten note definitely gets attention. It also shows you took the time and energy to locate a card, write it out, and get it to the recipient.

Another one of my favorite ways of showing appreciation is in the form of gifts. Not all gifts need to be extravagant. Pick up a coffee on your way to work for a colleague. Buy them something fun for their workspace. Or even take your team or just one coworker to lunch, which involves food and conversation.

As much as showing those within the workplace gratitude, it’s also important that you show thanks to customers and clients. It shows that you have taken an extra and often unexpected step. And you demonstrate the work you do to go above and beyond everyday interactions to try and ensure your customers remain loyal. Consider sending personalized “We miss you” emails when you haven’t seen a client in a while or take the time to deliver small gifts as tokens of your appreciation.

In my professional experience, I’ve found great success in showing both my team and my client’s gratitude whenever possible. I understand that I would not be successful without supportive, loyal members or employees who put their trust in me, and our organization. It is imperative to thank them for their loyalty with shows of gratitude and appreciation.

While it carries a very priceless value, showing gratitude to others costs nothing. Two small words carry a message that can do incredible things and open the door for an unforgettable impact. Therefore, it only feels necessary to say “thank you” for reading this and go spread some gratitude today.

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