Prosingh, Young Indian Entrepreneur Soars High In Business World

Prosingh, Young Indian Entrepreneur Soars High In Business World

A tech-savvy individual, Parwinder Singh, also known as “Prosingh” is an Indian teenage entrepreneur, writer, and social media influencer at just the age of 18 years. While people of his age were busy running behind school projects, he was determined to track the technological advances in the field of programming. ProSingh started programming at the age of 13 and launched his first app at the age of 15, “MoneyRewards” aimed to generate employment for people of his age and help them earn money. He went on to build other apps, alongside he also participated in various Hackathons like Rajasthan Hackathon 4.0 when he was in high school.

ProSingh launched his first startup at the age of 16 when he had studied the skill of programming and learned about the profession in-depth. As an aspirational individual who always wanted to join the workforce as soon as possible, he understood how like-minded people would feel. All he needed was to learn about programming and research his application. “Doing something that I have always wanted to do makes me feel alive. It’s more than just working, it’s living!” says ProSingh when asked to comment on his profession.

Excited to dig deep into the field of technology. Succeeding education for almost 3 years helped ProSingh to start his startup at the age of 16. InstaEASY is an Instagram marketing software that helps people to get more exposure to their targeted audience. Its sole purpose is to help businesses to gain more leads on Instagram. 

InstaEASY had a gradual growth in the start although its exceptional features and easy-to-use website led it to success within a year.ProSingh worked on programming, SEO, marketing, and sales at the same time when he launched InstaEASY. It’s been 2 years since the launch of instaEASY it did more than 20,000$ in sales and helped over 5,000+ Accounts to grow their presence on Instagram. ProSingh is still handling everything on its own. He is a workaholic, his winning personality and quick learning ability helped him to achieve success and helped him to gain thousands of admirers over the globe. If someone is looking to grow their social media influence then ProSingh is the person to look for. Now, InstaEASY has become one of the best Instagram marketing tools around the globe. When asked about what keeps him going even after gaining success at a young age, ProSingh says,” It is easy to enjoy the elixir of success after working hard. But, what is more, tasteful is to keep running behind the source of taste, the source of success!”

ProSingh also self-published his first book “The Actual Growth Hack – Complete Guide for Instagram” in May 2020 when he was 17 years old, on various platforms like Amazon, Kobo, and Google Books. The book talks about growth hacks, basic terminology, organic growth, shadow-ban, Instagram automation, Instagram IGTV growth, etc.

ProSingh is no more than a living inspiration for all millennials who wish to do their best and make the most of their lives. An ambitious youngster, he was always inclined towards technological advances and the whereabouts of this field.