Compliments Make The Business World Go-Round: What’s Your Compliment Score?

Bill Goodwin is CEO of MeMD, a national telehealth provider offering virtual urgent care, primary care, and behavioral health solutions.

Let’s face it. We all need compliments on a regular basis. Leading isn’t easy. Working with other people can often be a challenge. The underlying stress of always having to manage and lead can take its toll. You feel it, and your team feels it. 

Whether you are new to the workforce or the CEO of a large company, compliments should be top-of-mind. You might naturally dole out kindness to your kids, but when it comes to giving genuine compliments to other adults, I’ve found that most people typically fall short. The problem is two-fold: (1) most leaders simply don’t give enough compliments, and (2) of those leaders who do give compliments, many of their compliments lack substance and specificity.

Assessing Compliment Scores

A “compliment score” can help

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