Businesses Want Trade Credit to Be Like BNPL

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) has gained enormous traction with individuals by attracting consumers who are looking to stretch their buying power and de-stress their budgets. It’s a basket of benefits that businesses are also looking to embrace to help manage their own purchasing while also improving their cash flow.

While so-called “net terms” have existed in B2B trade for decades, some of the qualities of BNPL are now catching on in the B2B realm, Dan Zimmerman, chief product and information officer at TreviPay, told PYMNTS.

“I think the first impact we’ve seen from BNPL, and how B2C is influencing B2B, is that it’s driving this change in expectations that net terms should act a lot more like BNPL — real time, digital, fast, easy,” he said. “The new expectations of net terms or direct bills as referred to in B2B are getting changed by BNPL from B2C.”

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Tillful Launches Business Credit iOS App in Bid to

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tillful’s core mission is to create a more accurate and inclusive credit system that serves small business owners better than today’s existing financial system. Research continues to report that the traditional business credit scoring framework often doesn’t accurately represent borrower eligibility for small business opportunities and funding. 

This week, Tillful announced the launch of its new free iOS mobile application. Tillful’s mobile app is the first in the market to offer a real-time business credit scoring platform that leverages alternative data. 

It makes credit information and business credit scores much more accessible and actionable as well as offers exclusive access to funding for the platform’s more than 25,000 existing small businesses.

“We are more committed than ever to ensuring that small business owners get the credit they deserve,” says Ken So, founder and CEO of Tillful and its parent company, Flowcast,

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Academic Techniques Federal Credit Union

NVAO program accreditation isn’t mandatory, but only accredited packages are eligible for government funding and public student loans. Accreditation relies on the assessment of self-evaluation reviews and on-site inspections.

  • Come be a part of a faculty that’s dedicated to educational equity and supporting the well-being for all college students.
  • We delight in the beauty and creative power of science, expertise, engineering, and math, and we make a particular effort to spark that very same ardour in college students from kindergarten via high school — in school, after college, and over the summer.
  • Because each student learns in a different way, we help a big selection of college decisions and academic choices for K-12 students and grownup learners.
  • For instance, it’d examine what constitutes upbringing and education, the values and norms revealed by way of upbringing and educational practices, the boundaries and legitimization of education as a tutorial self-discipline, and the
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Top 6 ways to build business credit quickly

Like individuals, businesses have their own credit histories that can affect whether their owners will be approved for credit cards or other lines of credit, whether a business will be approved for certain loans, and more.

Having a high business credit score is always better than having a low score, as it provides you with more flexible financing options and opportunities to expand or evolve your business to adapt to new market shifts.

However, new businesses always start out with little to no credit history. So it pays to know the top ways to build business credit quickly, especially if you want your business to thrive rather than just survive.

How is business credit score calculated?


You likely already know that your personal credit score ranges from 300 to 850. But business credit scores rise and fall along a different scale: they can go from 0 to 100.

As with

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