If You Still Don’t Know What Clubhouse Is, You Should. Here’s How the App Can Take Your Business to the Next Level.

This invite-only platform is an excellent way to learn from experts, find exceptional employees and become an established authority in your field. 

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Clubhouse is an audio-based drawing in celebrities, huge businesses, crypto experts and social-media stars. The platform is like a podcast  but on steroids.

Clubhouse users can engage with an array of audio-only activities on the app. Some events are scheduled and marketed ahead of time while others pop up randomly. Users can create rooms and clubs in this virtual space  some events are interactive, allowing multiple users to participate in a discussion, but others are more like presentations or panels. These conversations aren’t recorded, so users must be on

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6 Things Women In Business Know That Men Don’t

By Meeta Vengapally

A dear friend of mine once said, “Life turns you into an expert at things you never chose to become an expert at.” This resonates with me a lot as an entrepreneur and mother of two. It’s one of the worst stereotypes these days to see a businesswoman who is also a mother and ask, “How do you do it?” Do men ever get asked that?

The fact of the matter is, female entrepreneurs have a whole different skill set than their male counterparts, and this is out of necessity. Far be it from me to look at this and think that we’re forced, kicking and screaming, to learn to work harder, smarter, and more efficiently than our male peers. In my experience, it’s best to approach the challenges by thinking, this

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