Value of MBA can’t be understated in business world | Education

For many, getting a Master of Business Administration degree is a ticket to achieving higher success in the business field. Whether someone wants to open their own business, rise to a managerial position, or just make professional connections, an MBA is a flexible degree that opens the door for opportunities.

Cathy Dubois, associate dean of graduate and online programs at Kent State University; Elad Granot, dean and professor of marketing at Dauch College of Business and Economics of Ashland University in Ashland; and Walter Simmons, associate dean at Boler College of Business at John Carroll University in University Heights, said although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the process of getting an MBA to some extent, it is still a valuable degree to attain.

“MBA still maintains a lot of value,” Simmons said. “Because it is adjusting to the needs of corporations and other entities. So corporations, for example, are saying

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Medical Education Needs To Be Reformed K Moidu

What is the future of medical education in the digital age? 
We have all dodged a very serious bullet, one that came in the shape of a pandemic and in dodging that we had a great amount of assistance in better data and information management. So essentially, we are now in a state where we see the need for reforming medical education. Our doctors learn and manage the data much better and at a faster pace now. Medical knowledge has grown, the human population has grown and so have the demands of the clinicians. With everything growing, we need to act — medical education needs to be reformed so we can train better physicians for the future.

When you say that, what are the challenges that there could be for a country like India? 
With regard to medical education, for a country like India, with the population and the living

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University of Colorado Denver Receives Accolades in Sustainability, Business Analytics, Early Childhood Education

Several master’s programs at the University of Colorado Denver were recently awarded top ranking status, according to’s 2021 report. This includes programs in the Business School, School of Education & Human Development, and School of Public Affairs focusing on sustainability, business analytics, early childhood education, and more. 

CU Denver was listed among thousands of public institutions in the nation—the comprehensive research guide is based on an assessment of 2,277 accredited colleges and universities. Each program is evaluated based on curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation, and post-graduate employment.  

CU Denver’s Top Ranked Programs 


The 2021 rankings are calculated through a unique scoring system that includes student engagement, potential return on investment, and leading third-party evaluations. analyzed thousands of schools with comparable programs on a scale of 0 to 100, with CU Denver making it to the final list for the above seven programs. The methodology uses an

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