As we speak, even the sphere of dentistry is rich in creative entrepreneurs who actively create and introduce goods and companies which will appear cool and strange to you. One of many newest organizational constructions for companies is proscribed liability firm (LLC). The limited legal responsibility structure is considered a hybrid as restricted legal responsibility firms will be formed as firms or partnerships. LLCs can present homeowners, who’re commonly referred to members under this construction, the safety from legal responsibility and different obligations much like a corporation. Restricted liability companies can also be arrange and managed like partnerships. The taxation of LLCs additionally depends on its structure. As a result of its limited safety, some corporations akin to banks and insurance coverage companies are restricted from being LLCs.

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Micron stock, semiconductor Stocks Retreat Amid Memory Chip Price Forecast

Shares in Micron Technology (MU), semiconductor equipment makers and chip companies took a hit on Tuesday after a market research firm forecast weakening prices for memory devices in the fourth quarter. Micron stock tumbled as the Nasdaq Composite also fell.


Contract prices of memory chips built into personal computers will decline by as much as 5% quarter over quarter in the three months ending Dec. 31, forecast market researcher TrendForce.

That prompted Micron stock to fall 5.4% to close at 75.91 on the stock market today. Applied Materials (AMAT) dipped 2.8% to 138.06. Lam Research (LRCX) fell 3.6% to 617.17.

TrendForce said the industry is feeling the effects of PC makers, also known as original equipment manufacturers or OEMs, who have an overabundance of dynamic random access memory chips, or DRAM.

“Regarding the contract market, PC OEMs currently carry relatively high levels

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Price College of Business welcomes world’s first executive masters of business administration program | News

The OU Price College of Business launched the world’s first executive masters of business administration program focused on renewable energy, according to a June 22 press release

The executive masters of business administration in renewables is a 32-credit hour and 14-month long program. Corey Phelps, the dean of the Price College of Business and a  David Ross Boyd Professor of Accounting, said the first class begins in the spring of 2022 and is designed for mid-career professionals who work in the energy sector to enhance their business skills while focusing on the specific challenges and economics of renewable energy firms. 

Phelps and Dipankar Ghosh, the program’s architect, said this new program is intended to meet the growing demand for renewable energy professionals. They felt it was the right time to launch the program as the energy industry transitions from using fossil fuels to renewable forms of energy like solar

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3 CEOs explain bull case, $200k-$400k price forecast

  • After breaching a record-high of $58,000 last Sunday, bitcoin slid to $47,000 on Friday.
  • Despite regulatory uncertainty, three CEOs of money managers are still bullish.
  • They explain why bitcoin is still in its early stages and set to mature into a gold-like market cap.
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Is bitcoin entering a

bear market

After the digital currency slid from its record high of $58,000 last Sunday to $47,000 as of Friday afternoon, its biggest weekly loss since a 33.5% decline last March, some skeptics are saying bitcoin is on the verge of falling into, if not already, in a bear market. 

Unsurprisingly, bitcoin bulls see the decline as more of a healthy pullback or opportunity to buy the dip.

“We were trading below $20,000 at the start of December, and we rallied almost up to $60,000. Given the size of that move,

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