Ken Gray to be a Guest Speaker on the Crisp Small Business Center Webinar

Ken Gray

Labor and employment attorney Ken Gray will be a featured speaker on the Crisp Small Business Center webinar on November 5.

His presentation, “Do a Double Take: Unraveling OSHA’s New Emergency Temporary Standard,” focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on the workplace. Here’s the course description:

On September 9, President Biden announced a new, six-pronged national strategy to combat COVID-19 while keeping businesses and schools open. This strategy will affect many employers across North Carolina. This session will provide up-to-the-minute guidance on issues such as whether the employee-count, for purposes of determining whether some employers are covered by the new rules or not, will include part-time, full-time, and temporary workers, who will bear the financial costs of weekly COVID-testing, whether the vaccine mandate will apply to remote workers, and whether employers will be required to pay employees for time spent obtaining tests and awaiting

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