Suazo Business Center opens second location in Ogden

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – There are more opportunities for hopeful entrepreneurs thanks to a new center focused on helping minority-owned businesses thrive in Utah.

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The Suazo Business Center’s new Ogden City office is now officially open.

“We know exactly what it takes as somebody brand new to the country to get integrated into the community,” Suazo Business Center Executive Director Silvia Castro told ABC4 at a ribbon cutting for the new location Wednesday morning.

For nearly 20 years, the center has helped minority communities — specifically Hispanic and Latino entrepreneurs — establish and maintain more than 5,000 businesses like Ogden-based based shop Coffee Links Coffee House.

“They gave them some classes to get the basic knowledge of how to start a business,

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Suazo Business Center plays critical role in helping small businesses stay afloat during pandemic

By Drew Crawford | [email protected]

The Suazo Business Center has served the Utah community since 2002 with a focus on empowering minorities to successfully run a business. 

During the last year, the center’s mission has taken on extra significance due to the economic windfall brought on by COVID-19. 

“One of the things about how the pandemic impacted us is that we were slammed. We were absolutely slammed,” Executive Director Silvia Castro explained. “There was so much need and just being able to keep up with the demand and trying to find those resources.”

To help mitigate the impact of last year’s hardships, Comcast contributed a $17,500 grant that has allowed the Suazo Business Center to help keep the doors of 1,021 Utah small businesses open.

According to Castro, many people aren’t aware of how financially devastating COVID-19 has been to the businesses of minorities. 

“Small businesses were the hardest

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