The Contract Topics On The Business World’s Mind

As we navigate the fourth quarter of 2021 and prepare to enter the new year, certain contract-related topics are taking center stage at large companies.

To get a sense of which topics are trending among Above the Law’s readership, we took a detailed look at “intent data” compiled by Bombora, the leading provider of B2B sales and marketing data. Intent data is privacy-compliant user data that measures spikes in activity across a network of websites to identify areas of increased interest. 

Could supply chain issues upend commercial contracts in Q4? What contract trends may emerge in a post-pandemic future? 

The graphics below analyze data from businesses of at least 1,000 employees over 12 weeks ending this fall to see which contract-related issues are garnering the most interest and which industries are most concerned about contract management going into Q4.

Contracts by the Numbers

We start by looking at the legal

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Startup fever is gripping the world’s last big untapped nation: Pakistan

The startup scene in the world’s fifth-largest nation is having a breakout year.

More money has flowed into Pakistan’s nascent technology sector during 2021 than in the previous six years combined, with investors from the U.S., Singapore and the United Arab Emirates joining the rush. And one former Microsoft Corp. and LinkedIn Corp. employee has been involved in about half the fundraising deals.

Until 2018, Pakistan-born Aatif Awan was living the dream in Silicon Valley. After more than a decade working for tech heavyweights, he’d become an angel investor for American startups and bought a house in San Francisco. Then he went to visit his parents in Lodhran — a small town known for growing mangoes and cotton — and new opportunities became clear.

Multiple local entrepreneurs got in touch, seeking advice on funding and how

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The Business World’s Takeaways From COP26 in Glasgow

Executives who gathered at COP26 in Glasgow said the climate-change summit brought clarity on some key issues, even as questions remain about how the promises will be put into action.

This weekend, after two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations summit, more than 190 countries reached a deal that aims to accelerate cuts in greenhouse-gas-emissions across the world.

As well as a forum for political horse-trading, COP26 functioned as a giant trade show that gave business leaders an opportunity to discuss the climate agenda with their peers. Some said they were struck by a feeling of common purpose among delegates, even as they acknowledged the tough political compromises that were reflected in the deal text itself.

“I am convinced more than ever that leading in this regard is a huge economic advantage for those who choose to do so,” said

Ralph Izzo,

chief executive of New Jersey-based energy company

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The booming business of knitting together the world’s electricity grids

IMAGINE, IF YOU will, a toy boat that might fit in the palm of your hand. At mid-ship add a squat spool of sewing thread lying on its side. Scale that up about a thousand-fold and the result is the 150-metre-long Nexans Aurora. The thread in question is kilometres of high-voltage power line ready to be deployed from the aft of the ship across the sea floor. Each cable, weighing a hefty 150kg per metre and thick as a tree trunk, is a woven mix of aluminium, steel, lead and insulating material. The single stretch loaded up in a bobbin nearly 30 metres across is as heavy as the Eiffel Tower.

The ways electricity is both consumed (more of it, notably by cars) and produced (also more of it, increasingly through renewable sources, see chart 1) are changing. Balancing the supply and demand

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