Take Good Care of Your Household Drains

Some common drains in the home are the dishwasher, the washing machine, the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the bathtub, the shower, and the basement. All these are connected to the system that is supposed to remove water and other associated substances out of your house.

Drains rely on gravity and atmospheric pressure to suck water from the drain into the sewer system. When water enters a drain, the system seeks equilibrium by allowing the water to flow to the lowest point. The pitch of the drain line going out of the house is important because it is what causes the water to flow into the sewer system. Because of this, it is important to make sure all drains are above the house sewer line.

Improper venting is a common cause of drain problems. Venting can be affected by the size of the vent as well as by their placement. As water goes down the drain, air should be allowed in to replace it. Just like a vent on a gasoline can, the gas really won’t come out if it’s closed, but if you open it, the gas flows well. That’s how drain venting works, except with more severe repercussions. Improper venting can result in drains that emit sewer odors, drain too slow, or allow internal sewage backups.

Pipe size is can also be detrimental to your drain. Pipes need to be big enough for their purpose. Where more water volume is going down (as with a toilet), you need a bigger pipe! Using the wrong size pipes can result in slow drains, frequently clogged drains, and even the unpleasant release of sewer gas into your home.

Flow out of the house is important. The angle of the drain needs to be consistent and should have as few turns in it as possible. If a turn is necessary, a radius as wide as possible should be made. This will help to prevent backups. This is why it is important to have professional advice when having major renovations done.

Clogs caused by food and hair can often be remedied with a chemical solution. Be careful though because frequent use of chemicals may adversely affect your pipes. A clog sometimes will require physical action with a plunger or snake. A properly designed drain system will not clog often. If you start having problems you can take preventative measures such as putting drain screens on your sinks and showers. If clogs occur deeper in the system, clean outs need to be accessed to remove the blockage. If the problem seems simple you can try to rectify it yourself. However most time it is wise to have it handled by a plumbing Brisbane.