Taking Care of Business: Dolan’s BBQ

MILLEN, Ga. (WTOC) – The uncertainties in the business world these days can keep some people from expanding a business, no matter how popular it is.

But two out-of-town businesses decided to team up at one location in Statesboro.

The first day “lunch rush” seemed to last all day as Dolen’s BBQ opened for the first time Tuesday. With just a post on social media, word spread from customers who’ve tried their long-time location in Millen.

“Ever since we started construction December of last year, we’ve had people non-stop asking, ‘How much longer? When’s it going to be?’ We’ve always wanted to have a location in Statesboro, but we thought it was best to start out smaller, in our hometown,” said co-owner Mary Beth Brown.

It combines two family businesses in one – the restaurant, and Honey’s – an equally established dessert and catering business.

“We hope as people come in to get cheesecake, or chicken salad, or a casserole, they smell BBQ and decide to get some for dinner, and vice versa.”

They’ve opened in the old McDonald’s that sat vacant for 25 years. But Brown says the structure, the parking, and the site convinced them to come here.

“It was all about this location. Obviously, The Blue Mile is a work in progress – literally. But we knew we wanted to get in on that.”

They hope they can combine the excitement of something “new” with their years of experience and help them Take Care of Business.

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