Technological Advancements Within Water Heaters

Water heaters are now much more advanced than the ones sold many years ago. With all the advancements in technology this is of course expected. Not only do they provide the homeowner with easier controls on varying the water temperature, but they can also tell the homeowner if something is wrong with the unit and the fault as well. This means that you no longer have to rely on an engineer to tell you what is wrong where you are perhaps not sure whether they are telling you the truth or not.

With these advancements, probably the single most important change that the manufacturers have made is that they are now much more energy efficient. An energy efficient model will save you money each and every year on your utility bills where eventually the savings could actually end up paying for your new appliance.

Another interesting new piece of technology to be introduced into many of the newer models is that they can be controlled with a remote control device. You may think that it is an unnecessary piece of technology to pay for, but there are a few good uses to having a remote control.

The first piece of functionality worth mentioning is that you have full control of the temperature of the hot water. This is especially important if you decide to buy a tankless water heater where the unit provides plumbing Brisbane water on demand. You can then change the temperature of the water if you have small children and you want the bath to be run at a specific temperature.

The remote control also allows you to put the unit into vacation mode when you are going on holiday. Not only will this save you money while you are away, but you can also program the unit to go off vacation mode the day before you return. This option is more applicable to tank water heaters where the unit constantly keeps the tank of water at a specific temperature.

Whichever water heater you decide to purchase, make sure that it has a suitable warranty on the tank and on the parts. Do provide you with an indication you should be looking at a 12 year warranty on the tank and at least 2 years warranty on parts. This length of warranty also shows you how the manufacturer is quite confident that their heaters will last for at least a decade. Even though the warranty ends after 12 years, you will still be able to enjoy the usage of your new water heater for at least 20 years. This is also dependent on regular servicing of unit through its lifetime as well.

The United States have many popular brands to choose from where the water heaters are manufactured domestically. You can also choose from a few popular international brand names, but their parts and labor costs may cost you more. Most brands sold today are dependable so it is more about you choosing the right type of water heater that is suitable for your home than choosing the actual brand name.