The Cry Babies Club

The call centre, telephone answering business is for the most part held by private family held companies. In some cases these businesses have second and third generations running these successful operations. This industry is not known perhaps for being the top payers in the business world and for the most part call centre staff do not have post secondary education. It is however a business where opportunities for growth within the business as well as personal growth can happen and a very quick pace. It comes from the level of caring, the desire to improve, and to make our customers customer feel good. I call it the “School Of Common Sense”.

I have learned the reason people stay in this business is the strong sense of community. To belong. To fit in. It’s also a place for them to grow as people. Many of us in senior roles in this business have seen countless new staff enter our world as meek and mild individuals often afraid of their own shadow. Countless times we watch them flower into happy amazing productive individuals.

Why does this happen. I think it’s the cry babies club. Yes the owners in this industry work hard. They take big financial risks to build their businesses. It’s their leadership style that trumps all else. They care at the deepest level about their employees. This kind of care is not regularly seen in the “we will measure you to death” of the corporate world. The great owners in this industry understand it’s the staff who make this business the amazing business it is. Without their talented staff they would be nothing. It’s not about the latest bit of technology that embraces us. Our customers don’t really care what sits in our server rooms. They just want us to make their customers happy and do it cost effectively. It’s that simple.

The level of respect goes beyond the employer staff relationship. The level of respect among owners and senior management of competitors is truly amazing. The sharing of knowledge and wanting our competitors to grow so we will all can grow I feel is unparalleled in any industry. This years convention like others in the past see various awards presented to industry leaders for outstanding mentorship, leadership and giving back to their staff and in their communities. It’s during these presentations “The Cry Babies Club” takes hold. I have seen CEO’s from large companies with hundreds of employees to supervisors with a team of 10 bawling their eyes out for being recognized by their piers. Each and every one feeling totally humble. There is no greater honor.

To my readers outside this industry I ask you look at our industry with a different view before we are judged in an unfavorable way. Leaders are born among our ranks every day. Yes, right here in North America and not some far away land.