Top 10 Business Analytics Online Certifications, Courses and Trainings in 2021

by Sumana Bhattacharya

September 24, 2021

Business Analytics

Business Analytics knowledge aids in the transformation of data into actionable insight, making it critical to any organization’s success. Here is our top ten list of the best online courses and specialty programs for learning the foundations of business analytics and equipping you with the required know-how about the proper tools and approaches. For all learners, this will open the door to higher chances. There are both free and paid resources on the list of the best business analytics courses, training, and certifications accessible online. While the majority of them are beginner-friendly, a couple is advanced-level courses that need some prior knowledge.


Wharton’s Business Analytics Specialization (Offered by Coursera)

This business analytics program was created by the Wharton School for anybody interested in learning how big data is used to make business choices. You’ll discover how data analysts define, forecast, and inform business choices. This program is designed to help participants get a thorough knowledge of how big data and analytics are applied in four important areas: marketing (customer analytics), human resources and talent management (people analytics), operations, and finance. Learners will be able to build new data-driven business strategies, engage in analytics dialogues, transfer to a new career path, or enhance their own business with this knowledge. This training does not require any previous knowledge or expertise with business analytics. It will be advantageous if you have a working understanding of the fundamental capabilities of Microsoft Excel. This is one of the best data analytics courses.

Duration: 20 weeks, 2 to 5 hours per week

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Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization by Duke University (Offered by Coursera)

The most respected Duke University, in collaboration with Coursera, offers this specialization. It’s for everyone interested in data analysis and how it may help them make better decisions. This curriculum will teach you how to analyze data, develop forecasts and models, design visualizations, and explain your findings using sophisticated tools and methodologies including Excel, Tableau, and MySQL. The course starts with an overview of data analytics best practices, such as identifying essential KPIs and so on. It also looks at how data analysis techniques employed by companies like Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber benefit them in their respective industries. Beginners with no prior understanding of business analytics can take this course.

Duration: 5 courses, 4-6 weeks each course, 3-5 hours each week

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Advanced Business Analytics Specialization by the University of Colorado (Offered by Coursera)

This is also one of the best data analytics courses. This curriculum focuses on teaching real-world business analytical abilities so you can use data to solve difficult business challenges. You will learn practical skills such as how to extract and manipulate data using SQL code, how to perform statistical analysis for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis, and how to discuss, interpret, and predict analytical results, in addition to learning how to think about business analytical problems. This is an intermediate-level course that requires some statistical knowledge. Learners should have a basic grasp of Excel and a high-level understanding of programming instructions. Introduction to data analytics for business, predictive modeling and analytics, business analytics for decision making, communicating business analytics results, and advanced business analytics Capstone are the five courses in this specialization.

Duration: 4-5 months, 3-5 hours per week

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Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Specialization (Coursera)

This PWC specialization is designed to provide you hands-on data analysis training so you can comprehend data, use data analytics tools, and make successful business intelligence presentations. You’ll learn how to work with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and other standard data analysis and communication software. This course is intended for students who are new to the subject of data analytics. As a result, no prior understanding of business analytics or statistics is necessary. To complete some of the activities in the course, you’ll need PowerPivot and MS Excel. This specialty consists of five courses: Data-driven decision making, problem-solving with Excel, data visualization with advanced Excel, effective business presentations with PowerPoint, data analysis, and presentation skills: the PwC approach final project.

Duration: 21 weeks, 3-4 hours per week

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Business Analytics – Nanodegree Program (Offered by Udacity)

You will learn basic data abilities that can be used across several departments and sectors in this business analytics Nanodegree specialty. It primarily focuses on using SQL, Excel, and Tableau to collect and analyze data, create business situations, and present your results. This is an introductory curriculum that requires no prior expertise. It is appropriate for people who are new to data analysis or who wish to learn how to do small-scale data analysis and exploration. The program’s major focus is on projects in which students put the concepts they’ve learned into practice and improve their talents. This is one of the best data analytics courses.

Duration: 3 months, 10 hours per week

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Business Analytics Fundamentals by Babson College (Offered by edX)

The goal of this business analytics fundamentals certification program is to teach the principles and applications of business analytics. It teaches basic and practical skills and knowledge for analyzing and understanding data, successfully presenting your results, and drawing meaningful data conclusions. It covers the most up-to-date modeling approaches as well as sophisticated Excel features. Data collection, data visualizations, descriptive statistics, basic probability, statistical inference, and creating linear models are among the topics taught in this course. Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of business analytics would benefit from this course, which takes a hands-on approach. Because this is a beginning course, no prior knowledge or skills in business analysis are required. Only a basic understanding of Excel is required.

Duration: 4 weeks, 4-6 hours per week


Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making by Boston University (Offered by edX)

The goal of this course is to teach you how to use analytic approaches to make better business decisions. You’ll learn how to reframe a business question as an analytics inquiry, determine what data you’ll need and where you can get it, then prepare that data for analysis. You’ll practice making attractive data visualizations and learn about the tools you’ll need to do so. You’ll also learn how to deduce and present findings from the research. As a result, this course covers the whole end-to-end process of making data-driven, evidence-based decisions.

Duration: 8 weeks, 3-6 hours per week

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Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z (Offered by Udemy)

This course will teach you the fundamentals of statistics in preparation for a career in data science. It is not a typical statistics course, but rather a very hands-on and practical instruction in statistics from a business standpoint. It incorporates real-world business issues to demonstrate how you may use this information to advance your career. Distributions, the z-test, the central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, statistical significance, and many other subjects will be covered. This course is for anybody interested in learning statistics from the bottom up. This is one of the best data analytics courses.

Duration: 7 hours on-demand video

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Business Analytics MicroMasters Certification by Columbia University (Offered by edX)

It is a set of four graduate-level courses that provide students with the knowledge, skills, and insights they need to improve company performance through data, statistical and quantitative analysis, and explanatory and predictive modeling. The four master’s level courses include analytics in Python, data, models, and decisions in business analytics, demand and supply analytics, and marketing analytics, among other subjects. Video lectures, quizzes, programming assignments, peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums are all included in these courses.

Duration: 4 courses, 12 weeks per course, 8-10 hours per week per course


Strategic Business Analytics Specialization by Essec Business School (Offered by Coursera)

This specialization is for students and professionals who are interested in using business analytics methodologies and big data in real applications. It encompasses a wide range of analytics techniques across several industries, such as media, communications, and public service. Learners who finish this specialty will be full-fledged specialists in big data management, with a thorough grasp of how data can be leveraged for strategic benefit. They’ll be able to mix, modify, and evaluate data sets. The curriculum consists of four courses: Foundations of strategic business analytics, Foundations of marketing analytics, Case studies in business analytics with Accenture, and Capstone project.

Duration: 16 weeks, 2-5 hours per week

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