What Kind of Taxation Details You Need Presently for Smart Submission

In the following we give you instructions for a tax return. We recommend completing your tax return with tax platform so that you can get your tax assessment in your hands much faster.

Step 1: Collect receipts throughout the year. This applies above all to bills for work materials, training and travel expenses. But also craftsmen’s bills and expenses for gardeners, cleaning help and child care should be collected. Also keep the receipts for glasses etc.

Step 2: Fill out the correct cover sheet and enclose the necessary documents. As a rule, the Est. 1 a form is to be used for this, if you can submit a simplified income tax return, and then use the Est. 1 V form.

Step 3: An employee must fill out at least Appendix N. As a rule, however, the AV and pension expenses are also added. If you have children, annex K must be submitted for each. Pay maintenance, so take advantage of Annex U. Anyone who receives maintenance or other income must fill out Annex SO. Depending on the living situation, further attachments are to be submitted.

Step 4: Include the receipts and invoices. Basically, it is better to enclose one proof than too much than one too little. Also think of donation receipts and proof of membership fees.

Why do a tax return?  An average repayment of around 800 euros can be expected

Send the tax return to the tax office via tax platform. Then print out the summary and sign it. Send the declaration to the responsible tax office by post. If you receive the tax assessment, please check it carefully. If you need help, a tax advisor or the income tax relief association will be at your side, but please note the one-month deadline. If the notification is correct and an additional payment is requested, transfer this to the responsible office within the deadline. If you receive a refund, you don’t have to do anything other than wait for the money. With affordable tax service  this is important.

To earn something in addition to his main job, he has various options. It is important that you think in advance which variant is more worthwhile, because the second and part-time jobs are taxed differently.

A basic distinction should be made between three different terms:

  • Mini job: monthly earnings up to 450 euros
  • Midiron : monthly earnings up to 1,300 euros

Secondary job: variable

  • A mini job does not have to be declared on a tax return.