With the Job Market Improving, Plan Your Career Change Now

In today’s uncertain times, many people have stayed in jobs they don’t like, because of fear they will not be able to find anything better, or that they will move to a new job only to find themselves laid off. But even if the unemployment picture still isn’t rosy, there are significant and sustained signs that the job market is improving.

Now is the time to start taking the steps to securing the job you really want to have!

Here are five tips for repositioning for a more fulfilling job:

  • Analyze past jobs to identify what you liked and disliked, were good at and weak at on each job. Use this information as the basis of building a list of criteria for what you need in your next job in order for it to fit your interests, strengths and values.
  • Use the Guide to Occupational Exploration, the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research and identify careers and jobs that will fit the list of criteria you have developed.
  • Enhance your qualifications for the new target job, if necessary, through additional training, education or volunteer experience.
  • If you plan to make a significant change in your career goals, use a functional resume to exhibit your qualifications for the new target job.
  • Begin networking now, through Linked-In, Twitter, professional associations, or job search groups to build contacts and watch for opportunities.

Don’t wait until the employment situation stabilizes. Get a jump on things now, and when the time is right, you will be ready. That may be sooner than you think!