4 Ways To Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name

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Deciding on a domain name is the first step towards the online world. However, selecting an NZ domain name can be challenging as numerous domains get registered every day. So, finding a perfect domain name through a promising domain hosting that is available and relatable can be a task. 

And things might get more complicated if the name you want has already been registered under someone else’s name.

But don’t feel disappointed, as there is a way by which you can still get the desired domain name. How? By reaching out to the person and purchasing directly from him. The next question you may ask is how do I check who owns a domain name? 

This article aims to answer the above question.

How to Check Domain Name Owner

  1. Search WHOIS Database

The first step while doing a website domain name check is checking the contact details directly on the seller’s webpage. Still, if you can’t find it, you can take the help of the lookup tools.

A lot of time, domain registrars upload the basic contact info of new domain owners to the WHOIS directory. This directory acts like an online database that helps to do domain name checks, i.e., who has registered and owns a particular domain name.

WHOIS database can provide details, like owners’ identity, without violating anyone’s privacy, as sometimes website owners prefer to keep this information private. This information which WHOIS may provide you may include:

  • Name and contact details of the registrant 
  • Name and contact details of the registrar
  • Domain name registration date and when it’s set to expire.
  • Nameservers.
  1. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

The next best way to do domain name checks is through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is a supervising board that coordinates and maintains all IP address distribution, domain name system management, and other essential specifics of overall internet infrastructure.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers monitors all domain names that are registered and their network addresses to ensure that the database stays up to date.

The lookup domain name registration tool acts like a search tool that provides the present registration data of domain owners. This data is gathered from operators and registrars.

  1. Other Lookup Tools

There are various lookup tools like who.is, which also works like WHOIS, providing you with information about domain name owners.

All you need to do is type in the website address, hit search, and you will get all the information about the domain name you are eyeing for.

  1. WHOIS Protection

Many times, website owners prefer to keep their information private, so they use services that shield their details other than contact information. Such services protect the information of website owners and share their contact info instead.

You can contact a third party to get the desired information from the domain owner, However, this technique may not always work.


By following these ways, you can quickly figure out who owns the domain you want and make your move to get it. Remember, even though a domain already has an owner, there is still a chance that the owner may agree to sell the domain at a particular cost.