Want to start your own business? Entrepreneurs share their best tips


Starting a new business? If you are,  you’re certainly not alone. In fact, these past two years have been banner years for people launching a new company. Perhaps they were quitting jobs as part of the “Great Resignation.” Or, maybe since folks working from home had more time, or maybe it was just more people realizing that they wanted to pursue their dream of being their own boss. Whatever the reason, 2020 and 2021 saw a surge in the number of new businesses starting.

Most new businesses are one-person businesses, at least at first. Your new business is likely to be just you, too. So I asked

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5 Essential Things You Need To Do In Order To Start Your Business General, news for Ireland, Blog,

It’s safe to say that an aspiring entrepreneur dreams only about one thing and that’s having their own company. If you have similar dreams and think about starting own business, you’ve come to the right blog post. Today we are going to talk about the most important thing a person has to do if they want to start a successful business. Here are the 5 essential things you have to do in order to achieve your dreams.

Research Your Market

It doesn’t matter what your line of work is, if you want to be successful in your niche, you have to do thorough market research before you start your business. Why is this so important? Well, the market research provides you with valuable information, like who’s your target audience and who are your competitors. It also shows you where is the best place for you

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Want to start a business? Here are some ways to fund it, plus some new options

In April 2021, when Jenny Yaeger, 55, launched her Denver-based accounting and financial consulting firm for small -and medium-size businesses, ClariFI Business Solutions, she tapped her personal savings. “Downsizing was what made it possible for me to go out on my own,” says Yaeger, the former chief compliance and finance officer at Wakefield Asset Management.

Yaeger, who is divorced, bought a condo with cash from her home sale and had enough proceeds to buy office equipment, pay for health insurance, hire a coach and bookkeeper and sign up for a women-focused co-working space. “Theoretically, my business can be run from my spare bedroom,” she says. “But I’ve really found that I needed to be out and about. And being in the co-working space is great support and networking. There’s a lot of women there building businesses; some have become clients and have referred me to others.”

To fund her second-act

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Looking to start a new business? Here’s how to find assistance regardless of where you live in CA

With a new business center, the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce is looking forward to helping aspiring business owners.Leer en españolSenior Vice President Óscar García says that as entrepreneurs recover from the pandemic, it’s especially essential for people to have a strategy to restart their businesses — that’s where they come in.They’ve opened their Torch Center, where they provide mentoring and resources to minority groups via their “Programa Hispano SBDC”. This is the first center of its nature in the state.There are no requirements. The only thing you need is an idea, and the help is available even to people who are starting up their new business from home and want to formalize through licenses and permits — exactly the way that Mayela Trejo, president, and CEO of By The Law Incorporated, started.”I think that a lot of our Latino businesses, the only reason we don’t succeed or we don’t … Read More